Fear of flying

Something Tech Support Son suggested recently about what people enjoy about the blog is that they can probably identify with aspects of what I’m saying. Maybe yesterdays blog was big hit was because I touched on a fear of flying. I went on my first flight when I was a teenager and have flown several times since, to America or Europe as well as several inter UK journeys. I’ve also flown a few times between islands to Westray, Papa Westray and North Ronaldsay.  These flights are on much smaller planes which hold about 6 people. Noisy, no tea trolley but at least it’s  over with pretty quickly and you can get some great views from the top.

I remember once waiting for a delayed plane and got talking to a woman sitting next to me.  She told me that she was widowed because her husband had been killed in a pl*** cr***.  You’re kidding me right? People in airports spend their life not making eye contact with one another but the one lady who speaks to me decides to tell me that little beauty! I sometimes think back to her and ask myself what is the likelihood of knowing someone who lost someone in a pl*** cr*** and being in one myself. However my fear is not so great that I can’t actually fly, it’s just at the point where I’m anxious beforehand and don’t fully relax during the process.

Orkney Beef has no fear of flying and last year he flew in a helicopter.  Unfortunately for him he was in a medically induced coma at the time so has no knowledge of it. The story of what happened to him and how  he ended up in a coma can be found here, but I remember at the time asking if I could fly down with him and was told there was not enough room for the ambulance crew his life saving equipment and a passenger.  He was extremely ill and there was no certainty he was going to survive the journey at all. The journey was a bumpy one I’m told, and I went down by boat early the next morning, but to this day I feel torn between the relief that I wasn’t allowed to travel by helicopter and shame at my own utter selfishness at the relief.  After all it could’ve been the last time I saw him alive. But when fear comes in, rational thinking tends to leave.

I’ve read a few helpful books and talked to patient pilots in the past, and today I happened upon this fear of flying free help course.  I found it brilliant and will return to it again.  Some of you may find it useful too.

Just in case you’re one of the people that only come to look at the pictures I don’t want to disappoint.  Below are some photos I’ve took during flight yesterday and also one of Westray from the air a couple of Easter Sundays ago. Enjoy, and thanks again for reading.

Island lighthouse


Snow topped mountains


Westray from the air


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