My Positives in Pictures – Looking Back

Can someone tell me how you stay positive in a pandemic when Orkney throws you this massive curveball in May?


Yes no need to adjust your set, it really did snow this week and I was not happy about it, but as fast as you can say ‘moan about it all over social media’ it was gone leaving a chilly breeze in the air for a few days. ok May, wrap it up now, ‘cos you pressed the wrong weather button. I’ve not been brilliant with my walking this week simply because it was so cold, but I was pleased to get out and take in some sunsets, and after 9 weeks away, I took a run up the hill in Stromness to one of my favorite viewpoints.


I say took a run but I’m sure you all know I mean a run in my car right?  I don’t actually run like other human beings. :-/

My manuscript is back from the editor so on to the next stage now, and I’ve been working on cover design and am losing more sleep about it than the content!  At this point, all I can say is, it really is on its way guys and if you can be patient just a little while longer…


One of my favourite positives this week was getting to go to church via zoom with my old Cambridge friends.  I was invited along to the service with the Hardwick crew and it was so lovely to see everyone after 11+ years.  I recognized everybody, and although I was horrified that some of the children are now adults which means I’m advancing at the same rate; it still filled me with joy to be reunited with my past life for a while.  I then tried to gatecrash my home churches Zoom party but by then Zoom was broken, so look out Comberton, it’ll be you next week.

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
Photo by Belle Co on Photo taken when we were allowed to see people obvs

I also caught up with lovely friends in the afternoon in the new method of socializing which for me is sitting in the car on the laptop gas bagging and occasionally letting the others get a word in edgeways.  As always lasses, thank you for listening. ❤

I have absolutely no idea how long it’s all been going on now.  I mean, I know it’s weeks and weeks but don’t know if it’s 9 weeks, 10 weeks or 100 years.  Either way, sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down. Sometimes I have it together and feel ok and sometimes I feel scared for a future that I can’t envisage feeling safe, especially for Orkney Beef who is so vulnerable.  One thing I always have is hope. Absolutely nothing lasts forever, so dig deep, keep going, and remember we only get rainbows if it’s been raining.

Image by Seasalt. 




2 thoughts on “My Positives in Pictures – Looking Back

  1. Enjoyed your story ,and good you can get out .It seems to have lasted a long time and some days I feel so tired of it all ,then I think we are luckier than some imagine living in a high rise flat no balcony and no garden,to me that does no bear thinking about
    You and Roy stay safe

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