Success comes to those who will and dare

I’ve been missing out.  Recently I missed out  when  on J.K. Rowling when she came to visit Orkney Library (see here ); Dawn French playing the part of me in the film about me when my blog becomes a book and my book becomes a film. I asked her on Twitter, twice, and she didn’t reply. (Wise woman) and today I accidentally  tweeted singer Alison Moyet instead of friend Alison Moore Jewellery to remind her of a lunch date we had.  I quickly realised and told her that she was  welcome to join us but unfortunately she was unable to due to other commitments.  Admittedly it was going to be a struggle for her to make it to Orkney in time for  lunch with a total stranger but I appreciated  her polite decline.

I ended up having a very productive lunch meeting with the lovely Ally and we caught up on lots of news.  We only live a couple of miles from each other but as is all too often the case we both lead busy lives and our good intentions of going for walks together which started two years ago are yet to be realised. It’s a good busy though as we are both doing things we love. Ally in her jewellery and me in writing.  I’m taking all the advice I can get and I had a meeting earlier in the week with a publishing consultant who spoke about when I publish my book not if. It was very exciting to hear such positive talk and certainly something I want to pursue.  “Success comes to those who will and dare” so time outside working life is largely investing the effort into writing, networking, learning and daring to step out into the unknown.  Scary? yes. Exciting? very. And while in all light heartedness I’ve had some near celebrity misses, a future in writing where I get to do something I enjoy so much  is something I definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Until the next time and thank you for reading.

Alison Moyet



One thought on “Success comes to those who will and dare

  1. I love that you asked Alison M to lunch and got a reply! When u r as famous as JKR they will be queuing up for that lunch date🍝. Have you actually started the book yet or still workin on the plot?


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