My week in pictures

“Is this going to end up on the blog?”

I can honestly say this is one of  my most frequently asked questions these days. It’s great because it shows people are reading it and for those occasions when I have a crisis of confidence and wonder what in the heck I’m doing there is always something or someone who comes along and urges me to keep going.

It’s been a busy week with exiting projects and ideas in the pipeline writing wise and provided I have a constant supply of tea at my work station I’ll be fine.  I only drink red bush tea.  Orkney Beef calls it silage as he thinks it smells so bad but it’s good for you and I like it so too bad OB.


I had some lovely spring morning dog walks.  I usually do a mile and a half circuit.  A big loop which I can do clockwise or anti clockwise if I want to view things from a different perspective.  Photographing into the light rather than with it away from you can add an interesting perspective too.



“You’re into photography in a very amateur type way aren’t you?”

I think there was a compliment in there when my colleague said that one summer. I don’t have a fancy camera as you can tell, just my phone; but I do appreciate my surroundings and try to capture the moments. The dog doesn’t like to be left out and as I stopped briefly to snap the stunning view on my morning walk, Hope couldn’t help running into the picture.  You will spot her wearing the high viz jacket in the picture below.  When we got her as a puppy it was the only kind of dog coat that Orkney Beef would allow.  Boiler suits, high viz jackets and yellow wellies are something you see a lot of in Orkney.


I bravely walked past a field  that is yards away from my house which has curious kye in it (see here for the back story as to why I am brave) and even managed to get a quick photo. However I quickly lost my nerve when they started running down the field to see what was going on, and even made a pathetic girly squeal  as I bolted.


The chickens are in disgrace and will not be featuring in pictures today.  They made it over the wall into next doors garden and I had to go and catch them just as I was heading out to work.  So there I am marching up and down the garden in work clothes and heels, trying to catch three hens that don’t want to return to their run.  They aren’t repentant like dogs and don’t look remotely guilty or bothered when they get told off. I put them in their house/run, slammed the door and went to work fuming with them.  Seriously, they DON’T CARE how much trouble  they are in.

As I said, the weather has been great so work was warm and lovely with this cracking view from my ‘office’ window. It’s a library with the best view in the world as I may have mentioned once or twice before.


Friday was my last day before a week off so I was excited for the weekend to get out in the garden, get walking, take the dog to the beach and enjoy the morning sun shine.  However my first morning off was fog, wind and rain followed by more wind and rain today.  I bemoaned this on Twitter and got an immediate and kindly reply.

“just the islands way of telling you to keep on writing x”  

This is just one of many really encouraging and supportive messages I’ve had to keep going.  To each and every one of you who is rooting for me, encouraging me, messaging me or just quietly reading……

Thank you.  I will.


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