I’ve Been Thinking…..

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t set out to be funny.  But time and time again that was the feedback and response I got from people.  (thank you very much) I found my voice and often it was a look on the bright side, observing life and a kind of people watching starting with myself.  I love making people laugh and I love hearing your lovely feedback that you’ve been entertained.

Then I’m faced with a dilemma.

I’ll think of a blog to write, I’ll plan it in my head, or something will happen during the day which I think I can turn into a blog, then something terrible will happen in the news.  Children will be bombed whilst attending a concert, vans will drive into people on bridges, buildings go up in flames with hundreds of people trapped inside.  We all watch helplessly, admiring the courage of the emergency services time and time again – and I decide it’s not appropriate to blog light hearted fun stuff for a while, because there’s so much tragedy and awfulness going on. Around the world, in the news, and sometimes even in our familes. As I’ve mentioned before, my own cousin was recently killed in terrible circumstances and it’s been devestating for the family and will continue until a trial which could take months.  My writing mojo to an epic nose dive despite my lovely family encouraging me to keep going.

 I want to write stuff about my old lady status being activated by the purchase of varifocal glasses, how getting used to them makes me resemble a nodding dog. How for a fleeting second I contemplated a chain to keep them on and so on and so on.  Then I think it wouldn’t be right when people are dealing with such tragic events in the world and I don’t tell the story.  I can’t bring myself to write about my first world problems however funny the story might end up being. No one has inflicted this rule on me,  I just made it up by myself. But it’s become a dilemma.

I came across the quote pictured, on the internet and it kind of summed up how I feel.  Sadly there is always going to be things on the news. But interspersed in the sad things, are amazing beautiful things, and funny stories, touching events, and we need to keep telling them, because we can always find more reasons to smile. And in the words of Forrest Gump. ‘That’s all I have to say about that’



6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking…..

  1. I’ve only just discovered you, and I hope that you’ll keep on telling the funny and the tragic stories that we humans all share. We need to be able to reach each other, to see our commonalities, especially now in this world that grows more unfamiliar each day.

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  2. A lovely quote! Always keep writing your blog, it will help people through their awful times and give you hope through yours.
    Please keep going, you live in an amazing place and I can now visit it on a regular basis as my daughter has moved there and I would love to, too!

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  3. You gift your readers with the joy of laughter, but also with touching stories of parenting, friendship, etc. Story brings us together. I think this is why I so enjoy Alexander McCall Smith’s books. He tells the stories of universal humanity. Your blog does this also, and oh, those photos, Sarah, the stones in the fog, the sunrises, the birds. You make a difference in your readers lives.

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