My Week in Pictures

Rain, Rain and Rain Again

In a week of stormy political change in the U.K. , the weather managed to reflect that. I knew bad weather was coming so went and said goodbye to my beloved peonies before they were smashed to smithereens by the wind and rain. It poured and poured with rain in the week . In anticipation of this, I picked a few and put them in a vase thinking the others would survive. I was wrong.


Dog’s a polling stations was trending on Thursday which was a bit of light relief. Ours didn’t want to miss out and we were happy to oblige.


Aptly named Hope


Green Fingered Friends

You can’t beat a day in the garden. Especially when your friend offers to come over and dig your massively overgrown borders. Meanwhile I minced about in the garden achieving very little by comparison. Several hours later she’d made a massive difference (unlike me). Everyone needs a friend like PeedieHaze, But no, you can’t borrow her to do yours as she’s still got mine to finish. 😀

This morning was lovely and sunny and I managed an hours early morning gardening in my nightie and wellies.  Thankfully I live somewhere remote enough for it not to matter as it’s a sorry sight I’m sure. But I loved every minute of it.  Living in a place called Quoyloo they don’t call me the Quoyloony for nothing you know.


Sunshine, wellies, and a morning cuppa



Cycling For Charity

This was the weekend that Orkney Beef was meant to take part in a charity bike ride. Training was seriously hampered by on going ill health until eventually he had to pull out and was devastated. The remaining team cycled from Ullapool up the west coast visiting various harbours along the way. Determined to finish the last leg with them, Orkney Beef met them at Stromness boat and cycled the last 15 miles through to Kirkwall. His joints are a bit sore but he was pleased to finish the ride with them.  It had been tough going for Craig and Brian as much of the ride had been in the rain and uphill all the way. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done. Go and show them some love on their just giving page. (link at the bottom)


Family Sundays

The week has finished off with tea and cuddles round at the home of our beautiful new family addition Naomi (nicknamed Nomi) Grandad hasn’t lost his touch and Peedie Meatball joined us with her usual full of beans joy and smiles.  We had tea cooked for us and it was a lovely way to end the week.


FullSizeRender 46
Stroking her cheek to help her sleep….zzzzzzz

Here’s to a great week filled with happy memory making.  Have a good one!


Just Giving for the Fishermens Mission

Huge thank you to everyone who has donated so generously.






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