My Week in Pictures

Late Night Light

It’s the time of year in Orkney when it hardly gets dark at all and we all spend our time sitting up late, even on a school night, taking photos just to prove it.  The light is magical and the peace and quiet beautiful and special when you stand outside your front door at midnight still seeing a glimmer of light.  These photos were taken between 11.30pm and midnight this week.  The first two are from my drive and the window shot was taken by my friend Mouse Magnet.


Taken at 11.41pm and still light outside

More Lights In The Sky


Another reason that causes people in Orkney to rush out and point cameras upwards is the rainbows.  I love rainbows and they never cease to bring me joy.  Here’s one we saw on Friday from our back garden.

A double rainbow on Friday night
Photo taken by Orkney Beef

Signing On The Dotted Line

This week I signed a contract for a new job which is permanent.  After years of temporary contracts it was a good feeling to be able to sign this one. My job title is housing support officer and I’m really looking forward to a new challenge when I start in a few weeks.

I went for lunch with a couple of friends to celebrate (the aforementioned Mouse Magnet and Lady Penelope) and there was rather a long queue for the food.  I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able order, eat and get back to work before the sands of time ran out on my lunch hour. ‘don’t worry’ said Mouse Magnet ‘I’m sure you can eat fast’ Maybe you had to be there but we were all in hysterics. I clearly have a look of a woman who can scarf her food down under pressure. *whispers* but I know who  actually finished first!

FullSizeRender 42

Being a Mother Duck

Yesterday I had to slow the car right down as there was a duck waddling along the road with her tiny ducklings.  I had Tech Support take a photo and commented on what a sight it was, them all running to safety.

Seven years ago Miss Lashes and I went to London to look at universities.  We took the obligatory tourist photos on London Bridge and enjoyed sightseeing.  Two weeks ago Miss Lashes moved down to London to start her new job after finishing her degree. Last night I was babysitting for a friend when I had a phone call from ML extremely distressed as she was in central London on her way home from an evening out and there had been another terrorist attack not all that from where she was. Things were uncertain and she knew not take the Underground at such a time so took her heels off to run barefoot through the streets to a taxi. She was terrified. I might as well have been on the moon so great was the distance between us, and like the mother duck in the photo, I just wanted to hide my little ducking under my wing and lead her to safety.  I couldn’t understand what she was saying as she was so upset but all I could say was ‘it’s ok Katie, you’re going to be alright’ Meanwhile I could hear sirens from the phone as the emergency services once again jumped into action to help those people hurt and killed.  These are sorry days, and we can only continue to give our heartfelt thanks to all the police, ambulance crews, fire services and anyone else involved in helping and showing such bravery to keep us safe. Miss Lashes is absolutely fine and made it home safely but my thoughts are with the families of those innocent people who didn’t.



4 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Beautiful photos as always, Sarah. The Orkney skies are really magic. Can imagine how terrified ML was and how it must have been for you to be “live” on the phone. So good she’s ok! My daughter Sarah took the London Bridge photo three months ago while visiting the city. Crazy world! Best wishes for your new permanent job! Have a good week! Marcus

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