My Positives In Pictures – Keep Smiling Through

‘Where do we keep the baking beans?’ is not what I expected to be woken up to from a Sunday nap, but that’s my new reality.  Orkney Beef has taken to baking to keep himself amused and bankrupt us.  It starts with me ordering all the ingredients in the entire world and leaving him to it.  He’s having a whale of time and has had some successes…


and, well lets just say some less successes


To be fair it tasted just fine, and didn’t look too sunken.  I think he did pretty well, it’s just a lot of home bakes to wade through now. Challenge accepted.

Until the weekend, when we had our traditional lambing snow, the weather has been absolutely glorious and I’ve really enjoyed walking at sunset.  The route gets a bit samey, but now we’re allowed out a bit more for exercise I may venture a little further to mix it up a bit.  I’m so grateful to live where I do.

Sunset at Skaill loch
Looking back on the road just walked.
Evening light

It was a supermoon this week and I’d planned a catch up with my friend whilst sitting in my outdoor bathtub and she sat in hers.  We were doing an Insta live so I thought I would dress up a bit.  The most remarkable thing was, my son emerged from his room to me getting ready to step outside the door and didn’t bat an eyelid. #newnormal

GPTempDownload 19

I sent my manuscript to one or two people to read and review so I could gather some comments for the cover.  It’s an anxious time as you feel so vulnerable and raw.  It’s like someone saying your baby is not that cute. But I was moved by the lovely response it received, well, apart from one.

I guess Orkney Beef doesn’t think my baby is that cute.

and I’m still loving the creative rainbows, I hope this continues for a very long time.


It seems like there may be light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to marginal changes in restrictions.  I hope people don’t go mad, but here’s hoping we can all enjoy a little more freedom as the weeks go by.

Stay safe everyone, and keep washing your hands.







5 thoughts on “My Positives In Pictures – Keep Smiling Through

  1. Thanks for your post and lovely photos and the landscape around Skaill Loch. Beautiful sunset.
    Biscuits and meringue look yummy! My husband loves baking, latest, Costa Stem Ginger biscuits. Going down a treat.
    I am looking forward to reading your book, any idea when it will published?

    Liked by 1 person

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