My Week In Positives – Happy 100th Birthday!

If the sight of an elderly man walking around the garden with his zimmer frame raising money for the NHS doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart then I’m sorry but nothing will.  This week Captain Tom Moore celebrated his 100th birthday and seeing him enjoy the spitfire flypast and all the messages sent to him from around the world was an absolute joy.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing him on TV these last few weeks. I sometimes think inspirational is overused but not when describing this lovely man.

Photo credit the internet

I’ve also loved seeing all the rainbows on windows thanking the NHS and people are becoming more and more creative.  I do hope this inspiring pulling together of community remains long after lockdown is over.

Spotted in Dounby this week
and another on Birsay beach

Orkney Beef is baking.  I don’t know if this is a positive or not but I’m in too much shock to have any other opinion.  I didn’t think he knew where we kept the oven never mind use it.

Carrot Cake with Orkney Beef

We’ve had some wonderful weather over the last few weeks and we continue to take our government approved walks.  Orkney Beef is in the shielded category which for the UK means he isn’t allowed to have contact with anyone outside the family home.  He isn’t even supposed to go out at all not even for exercise but living as remotely as we do he’s allowed to go out for walks still. The dog is loving lockdown!

Orkney Beef
St Peter’s Church Skaill 

As the sun sets on another week, I have lost count how many I really have! We know in our hearts that with everything, this too shall pass.  It currently feels like it’s passing like cystitis (sorry Mothership) but keep drinking water and washing your hands folks and it will eventually be over.



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