My Positives in Pictures

It’s been a week of wonderful weather, providing my first quarantine positive to be the fact I’m definitely getting fitter.  As someone who resented walking from the house to the car six weeks ago (I’d rather be swimming!) I’m now clocking up several miles a day now and feeling the benefit of it. Dare I say even enjoying it! (I also did Joe Wicks one day and woke up the following day feeling like a blow torch had been taken to my legs)   The dog has been out of sorts though and we are thinking she’s possibly exhausted.  She’s gone from being alone in the house all day while we’re at work to seven weeks of company where she follows us around constantly and wagging her tail.  Added to that she’s going for long walks and lots of ball throwing.  So needless to say she’s wilting a bit.  We decided to give her a couple of days off walks to let her rest a bit, which meant me putting my trainers on and sneaking out without her knowledge today because she knows the signs to start going nuts and can read us like a book.

My other really great positive is I read through my manuscript in its entirety and finished tweaking.  My mentor is reading through it tomorrow and then it goes off to be edited.  It’s a very exciting process with lots of mixed feelings, both excitement, and terror.  But I’ve no regrets about writing it, non at all. I can’t wait to get it out there and be the owner of my own book, fulfilling a life long ambition.  I even worked outside for an afternoon which was a joy.  (I also had a meltdown over technology which wasn’t so great, and Tech Support earned his name once again.)

working outdoors

I had a lovely email from a reader and friend who is enjoying the blog and the positives. There are so many lovely and encouraging people out there who make online journalling a fun and enjoyable activity.  Thank you to everyone who comments and feeds back, and just for taking time to read my waffle.  It’s much appreciated.

Sunset from home


Perhaps the most exciting positive is that we now, after 7 years have a fully operational garage that you can not only get in and out of, but you can also walk around in.  This might not be exciting to you but if you saw the state of it before compared to now you’d keel over.  Orkney Beef was spent all week in there sorting and organising.  He made a workbench for himself and is building a partition so I can have a drying room for all my swim stuff when I finally get back in the water.  We are adjusting to this crazy new life and using the time constructively (sometimes) and other times we just lay around tired.  But we know that this too will pass.  Nothing lasts forever and our continued and heartfelt thanks goes out to all the key workers that are showing up and working while we stay at home.  Keep safe everyone, we are one day closer to exiting lock down – and when we do, I may not want to go back to the old ways anyway.

Off to do another lock down quiz written by Miss Lashes, I got slaughtered last week.  Hoping for better things this time.


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