Ask the family

I saw this fun quiz thing on Facebook a few weeks ago and decided to ask my own family.  It didn’t take long and it’s quite entertaining (mostly) to see how others view you. Here are a few.

OB-Orkney Beef, my husband

TS-Tech Support , my teenage son

ML- Miss Lashes, my daughter, a thinking woman who is rather partial to false eyelashes

Q What is something I always say to you?

  • TS-How was school?  (he only ever answers with ‘fine’ and has done for the past 12 years)
  • OB- You’re doing too much (for reference, I say that to the mothership too)
  • ML- Make good choices (This still stands)

What makes me happy?

  • TS- Pictures of me. (who hates having his photo taken so getting a decent one of him is a rare thing)
  • OB-Chocolate
  • ML-Chocolate, Fry’s cream. (Look I’m not THAT shallow! Yes I like chocolate but I am made happy by many, many other things. It’s just chocolate makes it happier ok?)

What makes me sad?

  • TS-When I won’t take a family selfie. (True.  Stop being a brat and just smile)
  • OB-When people are ill. (I can cope if you’ve got a cold or something but what with you and Miss Lashes now getting loyalty points for your hospital visits I’m just a tad finished with all that now)
  • ML-When I leave mugs around the house. This is true.  (I always know when you’re home by the increase of half-finished glasses of juice every where.  Rage)

How do I make you laugh?

  • TS-With your terrible impressions (Thanks)
  • OB-With your sense of humour (Thanks)
  • ML-With your dark sense of humour (Thanks)

 How old am I?

  • TS -*thinks* 38? (you are my favourite child for always)
  • OB-45 (wrong, but wrong the right way)
  • ML-46/45 (you were right first time)

What is my favorite thing to do?

  • TS-Drink tea and watch Emmerdale (am I as boring as you just made me sound?)
  • OB-Read (and write makes me sound more interesting)
  • ML-Watch ‘Call the Midwife’ and not do the ironing (am I as boring and lazy as you just made me sound?)

What do I do when you’re not around?

  • TS-I don’t know I’m not around to know.  Sit on your laptop 
  • OB-Read
  • ML-Clean up after my mugs


What am I really good at?

  • TS-Not taking risks (This is insightful, I’m very risk averse)
  • OB-Reading (I would sound more interesting if you’d said writing)
  • KB-Making people laugh (aww, you are my favourite child for always)

What is my favourite food?

  • TS-Chocolate
  • OB-Probably chocolate
  • ML-Chocolate

Readers, if you haven’t realised already, I’m a chocoholic.  Read Here

What do you enjoy doing with me?

  • TS-Talking about random facts and conspiracies (Special times)
  • OB-Eating out (I didn’t know this! )
  • ML- I like it when you’re here and we go and do things (as opposed to when you come home from uni, I take a week off and you sleep 24/7?)

So that’s it.  You know a few facts about me and I know a few facts about my family and how they perceive me. It’s all good fun until I don’t like what they have to say and go nuclear…..



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