Facing your giants

 This morning as I took the dog down to the beach for a run around before work, I witnessed a seagull and came away having learned something.

It was a windy day and the waves were strong.  The gull was sitting on the shore up near the rocks, possibly just exhausted from trying to fly in the wind as didn’t appear to be injured.

An exhausted seagull takes a rest

My dog Hope naturally ran towards it to investigate.  She’s only a small dog but still ten times the size of the gull and would seem like a giant to the bird; but do you know who won the face off?  The seagull of course.  She remained seated and simply opened her mouth squawking as if to say back off at the dog, until Hope got the message and retreated.  She was so ferocious in her ‘don’t come near me’ message that I half wondered if she was sitting on an egg.  Not so.  I could see when she stood briefly on our walk back. She simply didn’t want a big dog near her and told it so.

I was left with a life lesson from that wee seagull.

Sometimes, all we need is a little courage to tell the giant to back off.


The Giant




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