Celebrating in style!

It’s our wedding anniversary. 5 years ago today I secured the ball and chain firmly onto Orkney Beef’s ankle and we began wedded bliss. Now I don’t mean to brag, but after five years we’ve totally nailed the romantic part of celebrating our anniversary.

Firstly I forgot it was even our anniversary until I saw something on Facebook memories yesterday.  (It’s ok to say this here because Orkney Beef hardly reads this blog anyway)

I knew Orkney Beef set the bar low when he went to bed last night saying ‘all I want for my anniversary is a decent night’s sleep’ Well that got me out of the ‘I haven’t got a present’ hole at least, but I’d gone to bed after an evening of sneezing and a sore throat, so the chances of his wish  were already slim.

I woke at 3am with my throat in agony and a few more sneezes.  It turns out Orkney Beef was already awake with heartburn equal to my sore throat. This was because I’d made a boob when ordering his regular medication so he had his steroids but not the antidote medication that at 3am I discovered stops him getting heartburn from the steroids.  Oops.

So I apologised that he was suffering, but thought I was suffering more and asked him to go and fetch me some paracetamol which he lovingly did.  Orkney Beef is immuno-suppressed due to an autoimmune disease and last year he was critically ill and in a coma. (link at the bottom)  With this in mind I’m always a bit jittery when I have a cold and consider sleeping with a surgical/chewbacca/gas mask on, but didn’t have one to hand so offered a silent prayer as he really can’t afford to take the hit and I haven’t the emotional energy to go trooping back to hospital with him again.  (besides the house is in mid-decorating disarray and it needs finishing.  He can’t be ill!)

This evening, to celebrate we dined out  in on an exquisite meal lovingly made my moi  a microwave Indian as I  was feeling too rough to a) cook and b) eat out.  (Orkney Beef doesn’t cook, if you tasted his mac n’ cheese you would understand why)

So all in all our 5th wedding anniversary has been a complete success.  Here’s to another year of better/worse/sickness/health/richer/poorer.  It’s all good fun. 🙂

Read the story of Orkney Beef’s critical illness here

Us on our wedding day 5 years ago.


wedding day 2
A very happy day


and here he was last year…fine now though 🙂








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