My Week in Pictures

I never tire of living by the sea, and I know I’ve mentioned this once or twice before but it’s true.  I took the dog down to the beach before work one morning and the waves were quite wild and the tide high.  As I stood watching the waves and listening to the sound of the sea I spotted a seal bobbing his head above the water.  Seals are not an uncommon sighting in Orkney and I’ve been much closer to them than this but there is still something exciting when you spot one.  At least for a city girl who didn’t see one in the natural until she was 38.

The video clip is only a few seconds but about 4 seconds in you should be able to see the seal.


It was a very special day earlier in the week too, when my author friend came over with the first edition of her book. It’s available to buy in October but I was getting a first copy to review it. I imagine there must be nothing else like the feeling of seeing your name and hard labour produced into a hard copy book.  I was so excited for her and totally surprised when she opened up the back cover to show me I had an acknowledgement in it.  Imagine! It’s super exciting and I was very grateful to Sally for mentioning me. Her author name is Sara Bailey but I know her as Sally and she wrote ‘you’re next’ in the front.   Now know full well that she was meaning I would be next to publish, but Orkney Beef questioned ‘is it a murder book?’

So if you can’t find me, look under her new patio 😉

The joy of seeing my name in print in a real, actual book!


Miss Lashes has been stepping out with someone and decided it was time to introduce him to the family.  His name is Paul but I one accidentally referred to him as Phil and there have been many references to this ever since.  So as a reminder and to avoid any more awkward situations, and help my somewhat shoddy memory his blog name is going to be ‘NotPhil’ Unfortunately there’s a fair amount of distance between us and them so she decided to add him to our group chat we have with ‘WhatsApp’.  I know I have a few older readers so to explain, WhatsApp is like texting but instead of texting to one person you can text to a group of people so it’s a bit like having a written group conversation. Anyway it was a bit of a baptism of fire for poor NotPhil as there are lots of in-jokes and it can be a job keeping up for any of us but he coped well and we are delighted to finally offload Miss Lashes onto him and give us a break  to see Miss Lashes so happy.

Apologies for the grainy pictures but here are Miss Lashes and NotPhil.

September has arrived and with it some lovely days.  The sun is setting earlier these days but there are still some beautiful early autumn sunsets like this one taken about an hour ago.


The beautiful view from my house at sunset today

As the evenings show signs of drawing in and we start to lose some of the light it can sometimes be difficult for me to adjust.  But I’m determined to embrace the change and make the most of the ever-changing seasons. As we step into a new week I hope yours is a good one and you have many happy moments in your week to bring memories for the future.

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