My Week in Pictures

It’s been a crazy week with one thing and another and I was glad to make it through to the other side.  We have times like that don’t we?  When the diary is so full that we don’t know how we’re going to survive.  Sometimes I dream of moving to a remote island where the pace of life is slower and easier to manage; then I realise I already did that and wonder if I may have to go more remote still! Either that or I need a master plan to retire early with money to live on and the chance to just write.  Until that happens it’s back to plan A which is making the quieter moments count, like a cheeky return to bed with a pot of tea on Saturday morning, or delighting when the long-awaited flower finally opens. If anyone can tell me what the flower is I’d be grateful.  I bought a couple of bulbs for the princely sum of 40p but that was months ago and I’ve now forgotten what I planted!

Saturday was lovely weather and I had a dog walk with Hope’s new walking companion, a lively spaniel puppy called Molly.  We found a lovely stone bench in the gorgeous surroundings of Stromness which looks out to Hoy.  We put the world to rights and my friend even brought emergency chocolate cake. What’s not to love?

Looking out to Hoy from Stromness

In the afternoon I went to a friends housewarming.  They have jut built a new house in the most enviable setting.  I thought I had the loveliest view in Orkney but I think their’s could top that!  Whilst there we caught up with friends who have just bought this fantastic motorbike with side car making Miss W the coolest  7-year-old around.  She took it all in her stride though. I don’t think I’ve seen a bike with side car since the 1970’s! Orkney Beef is already getting ideas….

The three W’s travel in style.

Beautiful sunsets continue.  I was delighted when my friend delivered this pallet bench  to my door.  He even carried it and placed it in situ. Everyone needs talented friends who can make benches out of pallets!  Anchors feature highly in the home of a former fisherman so I was delighted with this and could sit out on it and enjoy the evening skies.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Our fantastic bench made from pallets
Evening skies from my garden
Red sky at night

The highlight of my week was a trip to the beach this evening.  Nothing calms me and lifts my spirits like being by the sea, and I paddled in my boots then took them off and paddled barefoot.  It was idylic and I was tempted to embrace my inner crazy and sit down in the sea fully clothed.  But there were too many people on the beach looking on, not to mention the practicalities of getting home in wet clothes.  I restrained myself and left with only wet jeans rolled up.  I loved it though.


I’m reading Dark Water by Sara Bailey who happens to be the dog walking friend mentioned earlier.  The book is released in October so I was lucky to get an advance copy in return for a review.  It’s set in Orkney and so much of it is familiar.  I’ll keep you posted.

The book cover

I’m hoping this coming week will be less hectic and hope yours is a great one too; and don’t forget to appreciate the simple pleasures.  X




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