Winter Tales

A year ago COVID-19 was only just beginning to come onto the radar in U.K. we were planning an imminent trip to Lanzarote with the Mothership and Father Bear and our biggest concern was packing enough sun lotion.

Social distancing was unheard of. The only people who wore masks in shops were robbers, and people hugged and ate birthday cake that another person had blown on.

Skip forward one year and it’s a story that no one could write. Non of us could’ve imagined how things would play out. I remember going home from work almost unable to believe that I would be working from home for a WHOLE WEEK due to self isolating.

This week my lovely Aunty Pat, my dad’s sister became another covid statistic. She died in a home after catching this horrible illness. I drove over and broke the news to my dad, then collected mum to take her for her inoculation.

The whole thing was bitter sweet. As I pondered on the ray of sunshine who left this world – saw demonstrated people working together to keep us safe. Scientists creating vaccines, volunteers marshalling, nurses injecting, people lining up to receive their vaccine. Orkney Beef had his too being a shielder.

I don’t mind admitting that after a long and emotional year, the whole process moved me to tears.

Aunty Pat
Waiting with The Mothership for her vaccine
The tide is beginning to turn

It’s been a bitterly cold couple of weeks with very little let up. Today we had more than a smattering of snow and were completely snowed in. These times are rare but I was thankful for a neighbour who was able to clear the roads with their tractor.

Snow drifts meant no going anywhere
The view from my writing den

Swimming has been difficult due to time constraints and wind direction and I’ve only managed a couple of outdoor swims a week recently. But, I DID manage a quick dip with Bernie 😉

He has good taste in books too!

Much of my dad to day writing is over on Instagram these days. You can find me

Hope to see you there, if not I’ll be back here soon. Until then, look after yourselves and stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Winter Tales

  1. Sorry to hear about your Aunty Pat, Sarah. One of Kathie’s father’s sisters (Aunt Lois) also died in a care home after catching the virus. Terrible times – but good to see so many people helping and doing positive things as well. Take care.


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