The lost hour

Every six months due to one measly hours time change, my life disappears into a black hole and I wonder if I will ever find my way back out. This morning I woke up and checked the time.  6.30 am the clock on my phone says, but does that mean 5.30, 6.30 or 7.30am?  Is it January, October, Summer, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? What country am I in? Did the phone remember to magically reset itself or do I have to do it?  Will I ever remember how to adjust the time on the oven?

‘what time is it?’ I ask Orkney Beef

it’s six thirty’ he replies

‘so is it really 7.30 then?’

‘go back to sleep’

I dutifully go back to sleep and wake up equally confused and remain so whole day.  I had other struggles thrown in.  I stepped outside to let the hens into the run and collect the eggs and it was extremely windy.  So I had to make it down the garden without getting blown over and carry the three eggs back to the house holding onto them. I had to get the fine balance between a) not gripping them so tightly I end up with broken eggy mess in my hands. (I recently dropped one while collecting and nearly cried there and then) and b)risk having them blow out of my hand and end up across the Atlantic.  All this while trying to keep upright.   It’s not easy.

We managed to work out the time enough to get ourselves to church.  Orkney Beef is NEVER late for anything and merrily thought some 2nd Easter miracle had  occurred and he’d got his wife out the door in plenty of time this morning.  However he had looked at the sitting room clock which hadn’t been adjusted so it was only while we were driving there did he realise that it was business as usual and we were going to be there ‘on time’ (late by his reckoning and slightly early by mine)

After sharing an Easter message on speaking life instead of negativity over ourselves and other people, we had lunch all together as one big family and then I came home reclaimed the lost hour by having a wonderful nap on the couch in front of the fire. Bliss.

I can’t remember what time I woke up but the general jet lag and confusion remained. Was it tea time?  Had Orkney beef changed the clock?  My phone says this so there for it must be an hour later right?  Urgh!  The main thing was the weather had settled down and it was a beautiful evening for a dog walk. I got some lovely snaps of skies, rainbows, plowed fields and skylines, a couple of which I have shared.  While the ground was still very wet the air was completely calm and bright and a complete contrast from the morning.  I enjoyed the walk and fed the dog (now somehow two hours later than usual) and I’m still none wiser as to what the actual time is or should be.  The sitting room clock is yet to be changed.  Anyway, until the next time, thank you for reading and Happy Christmas.


Easter 1


8 thoughts on “The lost hour

  1. Reblogged this on Norq From Ork and commented:

    I’ve only just got over the jetlag of the clock going forward one hour this week. One measly hour can cause chaos for me for several days. I’m groggy and sluggish and not fit to make decisions such as what do I want for tea. Still, I’m beginning to feel normal now, whatever that is. Read on.


  2. We never get tired reading your blog entries Sarah! I myself will have to be dealing with such confusion in the very near future and my brain just cannot compute! How blessed you are with that beautiful home of yours. I am sure on never looks at that scenery and goes “meh”

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