My Pandemic In Pictures – Everything Needs To Stop Happening

Not gonna lie guys. Life, pandemic, dementia/aging parents care, and daily grind has taken its toll a bit lately and I lost my blogging mojo.

To be honest my unspirational desk calendar said it all.

I think I lost confidence in my ability to keep you entertained without tipping into moaning and whinging about stupid rona rules like for example not being able to meet friends and family in their house so we have to meet in restaurants and quite frankly my scales can’t take it anymore.

We walk in and out of the restaurant with our masks on but then take it off at the table but I’m wondering if that’s where the problem lies? Maybe I should leave it on and get a lock for it like some kind of chastity belt for the mouth to stop me putting food in it. Either way, selfies seem to have taken on a new normal don’t you think?


Masks come with their struggles, don’t they? Orkney Beef knocks his hearing aid out every time so has taken to wearing a scarf thing pulled up which often falls down but at least he can hear me and that’s very important 😉

I find recognizing people with half a face is not always easy. So if I ignore you when out and about, or stare at you weirdly, then I’m sorry, it’s not you; it’s me.

It’s no secret that what helps me with life, pandemic, dementia/aging parents care, and the daily grind is getting into cold water daily. It’s the insanity that keeps me going and never fails to reset, calm, and restore me. As the nights draw in I took advantage of my first full moon swim of the year. One of my favourites and this didn’t disappoint as it was a lovely evening and we even had a fantastic wake from the lifeboat returning from practice. Unfortunately, the moon was hidden behind a blanket of cloud but undeterred I simply took out my traveling moon. Use your imagination a little 😉

Even in the harshest of weathers, when you have to really gird up your loins to get in the sea doesn’t disappoint. Recently we arrived at the ocean and it was pouring with rain and windy. We really didn’t fancy it but were all experienced enough to know we wouldn’t regret it once in and boy were we right. We took a wet and soggy before picture and before bouncing the waves laughing our heads off and threw in some synchronised swimming. Be afraid British Olympics team….



Life threw us a bit of a curve ball recently. And it was the weight of a medicine ball.

One evening I had the most beautiful sunset swim at my local beach. The ocean felt vast and myself so small. As I swam in the liquid gold, Orkney Beef looked on, and I gave thanks for our wonderful family and friends who circled us, and showed us that like the ocean, love is immeasurable, limitless, always rises higher, and is the strongest force.


As always, I am overwhelmed with the response to my book.  (Did I tell you I wrote a book?) Not a day goes by without a lovely message, letter, contact saying how much you’ve been touched by my story. You’ve laughed and cried along with me and I really value your feedback. So thank you and keep spreading the word.


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