My Week In Pictures – Keep On Dancing

My favourite way to activate the week is and early Monday morning swim in the sea at one of my favourite spots. This week was no different and I made my usual jaunt down to Stromness to join my friend Anna in the water. Chatting, avoiding jellyfish and catching the awesome morning light is a great way to wake up.

There’s definitely an Autumnal shift, and while theory tells us the water is at its warmest in September, I beg to differ. There’s a slight nip in the air and by the weekend the weather was no joke. The winds were incredibly high and reluctantly I had to cancel plans to go to North Ronaldsay for a mini book launch. We decided it possibly wouldn’t be safe, nor would it be fun in high winds. The sea is always in charge.


I was most vexed as I was meant to fly there securing my status as a jet setting author. Watch this space, we are determined to reschedule for soon but meanwhile, I think I’ve probably had my last barefoot in the lush grass for this year.

When I started this blog some of you earlier subscribers may remember I had also just acquired some chickens. It was non stop shenanigans as I settled them in. 3 became 2 and this week we acquired two more. Settling them in takes time and today there were comical scenes as Orkney Beef and chased them round the garden to catch them and clip their wings. It was good exercise and OB gave them a bit of a talking to once he caught them. It fell on deaf ears, a bit like marriage.

I’m going to leave you with a video I never get tired of viewing. My parents celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary this week and the video is of them dancing on my wedding day. It’s bittersweet to watch as they have since hung up their dancing shoes. Mum’s advancing dementia seems to snatch away a but of her each day and I smile because they danced but am sad that they never will again. Ever thankful that this piece of joy is captured in time forever.



Have a great week, may you have many opportunities to dance you way through it.




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