My Pandemic In Pictures – Becoming a Swimsuit Model. EEK!

And all of a sudden it was September. How did that happen? In the strangest time of my life it feels like it’s gone on forever whilst simultaneously feeling like it’s flying by. Personally, I’m in such a season of transition in all aspects of my life and I’m leaning into that and enjoying the process enormously. One of these transitions is embracing and accepting myself warts and all. I was recently interviewed for a swimwear website and given a swimsuit in return for a few photos. Horror! But I knew if I declined I’d always be sad that I didn’t feel good enough to be seen in a swimsuit. So with the help of empowering women and their pep talks I got my brave on and allowed myself to be photographed. I uploaded the photos to my Instagram and it was hugely well-received leaving me wondering what I was ever worried about. If only we could see ourselves through other people’s eyes.


As summer bleeds into Autumn I love to see the signs of harvest and the beautiful light we are blessed with in Orkney. As a seasoned outdoor swimmer now I am much more willing to embrace the change in weather and cooler waters. In fact, I look forward to colder waters as it helps the cold water buzz. The sense of initial dread never leaves but neither does the high.


Autumn light in Stromness

One thing which amazes me is how quickly we have adapted to seeing people in masks. The first couple of times I felt self-conscious and foolish and now it really has become normal. Some of it makes no sense at all though. Like walking through a cafe with a mask on only to sit down close the friends I’ve met up and take them off. It doesn’t always make sense, but when my friend ran at me with her elbow the other day I knew she was just saying hello.

Regular readers of blog or book will know that Miss Lashes was very unwell at Christmas and spent the week in hospital. Then she was unable to travel because of lockdown so it was fabulous to finally see her. We had the Christmas she missed out on complete with a tree, Christmas dinner and turkey, santa visit and presents!

and I managed to get her in the sea for a very windy, wavy play around.  Great fun.

It’s #nationalreadabookday today and I was over the moon when Salt On My Skin was recommended on the Dementia UK website and social media pages.  What an honour. If you have read my first book it would help me hugely if you could eave a review on Amazon, Good Reads, Waterstones, standing at the bus stop, at the check out, on the toilet walls or infact anywhere.

Tell your friends, tell a stranger, tell your gp, famous people and anyone who may be interested.

Buy it for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, whatever, just get it.  It’s a tenner which is the same price as a chocca mocha locha cafe frappe latte and a cake.

Please make my book famous so I can fund myself to write more books. It’s how it works.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.


2 thoughts on “My Pandemic In Pictures – Becoming a Swimsuit Model. EEK!

  1. Seeing the clear road of Stromness reminds me of collecting my messages, riding on the clattery metal wheeled cart with the children and the pony using the middle cobbles for grip. I can almost smell the peat burning and the chippy. That moment will never come again, but will hopefully stay with me for all time.


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