Preparing for the storm

Orkney is cooking up a storm and I’m not looking forward to it.  Storm Barbara is on her way and looks set to be at its worst on Christmas Eve.  Sadly boats and planes have been cancelled and people may not get home for Christmas.  Miss Lashes is traveling up Thursday and her boat was under review,  but thankfully now looks set make the crossing.  With the amount of sea on at the moment (swell after days of wind) it most likely won’t be a very pleasant crossing but at least she and NotPhil will be here for Christmas.

This will be NotPhil’s first visit to Orkney and I hope it doesn’t put him off.  A few days storms is not full representation of Orkney life and weather but it can be miserable when in the thick of it.  Here’s hoping we have power to cook the turkey on Christmas day!

*1st picture removed as it was permitted for me to use in error.  My apologies, the mistake was genuine.

This second picture was taken by me on 20th December.  It’s of the Bay of Skaill where Skara Brae overlooks and is a mile away from my home.  This is the bay my house looks down onto.


I hope to have more storm pictures for you soon but for now, safe travels everyone and here’s hoping storm Barbara blows by without causing too much damage.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for the storm

  1. Yikes! Nature is showing the full force of its might there!!! There are a few “soap mouth” pictures those waves could make me say. Think a few drams and feel good carbs and comfort foods are required….Please let us know how you all faired up at the other end of that storm

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