Christmas greetings

It’s Christmas Eve, my favourite time of the season. We’ve sung carols and are about to fall out over Cluedo. Wherever you are and however you spend your day, may you have hope in your heart on Christmas morning. Thank you to everyone for supporting the blog, it’s been great fun watching it grow. Norq from Ork, Orkney Beef, Miss Lashes, Tech Support and NotPhil wish you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful 2017. May your days be merry and bright. X

Merry Christmas

‘Yet what I can I give Him?  Give my heart……’



2 thoughts on “Christmas greetings

  1. And a very happy Christmas to you all too. I so enjoy your blog and can imagine the fun you’re having together. Please give our love to your gorgeous parents too Sarah.
    Big hugs, love and blessings
    Julia xx


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