And suddenly there were snowdrops.

Stop stressing that I just started a sentence with ‘and’, it’s fine,  I don’t care because at last, I have snowdrops. This tiny little white flower means a lot to me because I can finally believe that the long winter is over and we can start thinking about spring.   I have a few patches in my garden and I go in search of them every year.   This year they’ve been a few weeks later than usual and I was beginning to worry that I had inadvertently killed them with overzealous weeding last year. I thought that maybe I’d left us permanently in Narnia where it’s always winter, and wondered when it was time to confess that it was all my fault; however, today’s search revealed three little clumps in the garden. Hooray! all I needed to make the final home straight into spring.






4 thoughts on “And suddenly there were snowdrops.

  1. Sharing these delightfully expressed words. Have decided at last – have them all in the grass, or….don’t weed!


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