My Week In Pictures-Warmed By The Love Of Others.

I always find this time of year to be the battle of Winter V Spring.  One day you’re in the mist of a glorious spring day, clothes blowing gently on the line, spring flowers in shops and on roads sides, magnificent sunrises and sunsets and you love everyone.  The next day you are harshly reminded that you live on an island that can often show no mercy and you can’t wait to get indoors and get the fire going.  Compared to last week it’s warmed up slightly and on Tuesday evening our broken boiler was resurrected from the dead.  A different plumber came and had a look at it and it was up and running within about 20 minutes.  I had warmth and hot water and I morphed back into a decent human being.  I love everyone.  That and these decent sunrises and sunsets made a great start to the week.


Up in time for the sunrise


Sunset at Skaill beach on my way home

Whilst there’s been an improvement the weather I wouldn’t say it’s suitable for sunbathing.  However, a rare visitor to Orkney thought different.  5 years ago a walrus was spotted in Orkney and this week residents of Sanday and North Ronaldsay were treated to this cheeky chap soaking up some rays!



Pictures given with kind permission of Sanday Ranger  

Other signs of spring included a ploughing match I spotted on Saturday.


and the view from upstairs Stromness library remained as enviable as ever


International women’s day was celebrated this week and I had the loveliest review from a fellow blogger Hebrides Writer  When you self-doubt, (and I often do)  It is both heartwarming and humbling to receive such validation from others in the field.  Thank you, Katie for constant encouragement and a lovely shout out.


And just in case you missed it, here’s the blog she is referring to.  To All The Women

As well as two children I have three stepsons.  Two of those have partners and children making me a stepmother, stepgranny and step nearly mother in law.  I’ll drop the step bit as it’s all a bit of a mouthful.  Last night I was visited by the families and was surprised and moved to tears when the girls came in with armfuls of cards presents for me. Flowers, gin (pink) chocolates, candles, pictures and very special words in the cards.  Step-parenting can be a fragile process.  I never want to overstep the mark and muscle in too much or be too pushy.  But the gestures of the two girls and their efforts in making me feel so welcome and loved made me proud to call them my daughters in law.  Thank you lasses, it was a very special time for me seeing you walk in with your gifts. x


Celebrating family in whatever form it takes

IMG_0775 2

I wrote a blog earlier today on how Mother’s day can be complicated for people. Be Your Best Self. I have seen many examples this week of people being their best selves. It may have been cold this week but I have certainly been warmed by the love of others. Have a great week everyone and aim to be a great version of you.  I’m sure it’ll be brilliant.

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