My Week In Pictures – Speed Shopping And Being Indoorsy

It’s been a slightly mad week with one thing and another as Tech Support and I had a whistle-stop tour to Edinburgh and Glasgow for his college interviews. This mainly involved hyperventilating at the cost of flying two people down there at a weeks notice, hyperventilating on the plane due to the bumpy landing, hyperventilating at having to get from here to here to there to back to here all in a tight timescale, speed shopping around Edinburgh at Glasgow as I had little time but much to achieve. (It reminded me of when the kids were small and you just walked into a shoe shop and said ‘just give me anything you have with a Velcro fastening’ before taking the first thing they threw at you and flying out the door) and finally, hyperventilating with excitement at being given access to the lounge at the airport because we’d paid such an exorbitant amount of money to get down there. Tech Support could carry it off, he was still in his smart interview clothes. I, on the other hand, looked like the cleaner and had to try really hard not to act like I was just eating stuff because it was free.



Edinburgh from the air


Edinburgh from the ground



Anyway, it was all worth it and a big welcome to the influx of followers to my Facebook  page after I posted about my son holding my hand on the flight. It clearly tugged at the old heartstrings. If you missed it, you can read it here The Empty(ing) Nest

In other news The Mothership celebrated a birthday whilst on holiday and my sister was there to celebrate with her producing this lovely photos. All looking like they are wearing well with a combined age of 206. 😁


My mum, sister and dad


I believe people further South have more snow. We have managed to avoid that but it’s been windy on a scale of hair like birds nest in Orkney. Many of you like to see my favourites from my inspirational desk calendar. One was spot on given this week’s weather.


and this one just really made me laugh.



Lastly, I’ve been visiting someone in hospital this weekend. There is a new hospital being built in Orkney and I’m guessing we will be saying goodbye to the traditional nurse buttons like the ones I spotted. My mother was a nurse all her life and I can remember the days when she looked exactly like this. Time moves on…….


The Northern Lights are out as I type.  I was driving home earlier and had to pull over to have a good look.  Sorry no pictures but keep looking up, you never know what you might see.  Have a great week everyone.


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