My Week In Pictures – How To Write (and Read)

Vincent Van Gough said  ‘If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced’  I love this quote.  Not because of the reference to painting. (Ironically, I would be the first person to say I can’t paint and I’d be telling the truth) No, I love it because you can insert your own word. ‘If you hear a voice within you say you cannot, dance, sing, do yoga, etc etc’ I immediately read the quote and inserted ‘write’ into it and have drawn strength from it ever since.

I went to a writer’s workshop this weekend run by published author Alison Jean Lester.  It was two hours of being challenged to trust in our belief that we CAN do it.  Strategies to deal with writer’s block, and think fast.  After two hours I felt unlocked with a greater freedom to develop fiction writing.  I think we only wrote for maybe 7-8 minutes, the rest was ideas working and group work.  I was out of my comfort zone to begin with, but when it comes to writing I’m willing to do that to see where it takes me, so I joined in and was surprised and very pleased at the results.  Alison (in the green) is incredibly enthusiastic and great fun.  Thanks for coming to see us Alison.

Thanks to Alison’s husband for the photo

Peedie smiler came to stay for the night this weekend. Having had five kids between us, and me having also been a childminder for many years we were ready and well practiced. We’ve changed a million nappies of wriggling babies, spooned yogurt into the permanently open mouths of the birds in our nest, and rocked many a resistant baby to sleep. She was as good as Gold and didn’t bring a minutes bother the whole time she was here, but even so, she was a normal ball of energy baby with no off button. We are some 25-30 years older than when we started this baby raising game, and by the time we handed her back we were ready to lie down in the recovery position and mainline a triple shot coffee. I raised mine alone for 11 years, one of them only 12 weeks old when I became a single mum.  How did I ever do it?  I have no idea, but yesterday I praised myself for managing to find the energy day in day out. I high fived myself for my brilliance in keeping going.  (But between you and me,  I do know at the time I cried daily)

Peedie Smiler shares her breakfast

It feels like only yesterday I was writing about snowdrops covering every corner of Orkney.  Snowdrops turned to daffodils, which has turned to bluebells.  I’m a huge fan of the ever-changing seasons and trusting in the sure knowledge that every year things come back.  This home is not far from where we live and is a property we pass daily.  How many changes of season has it seen?  What stories could it tell?  I wish I knew.  Right now it’s hosting bluebells, which will soon become wildflowers such as Red Campion.  How I love flowers, and always will.


I have a week off coming up (Cancel all ‘wee cough’ gags, they’ve all been done before) and here’s what didn’t happen. I absolutely did not go and check out another ton of books from the library in spite of having a ton of books already purchased and in a queueing system.(I’ve always been like this, there’s no cure ) I absolutely did not set completely unrealistic targets of cleaning the house from top to bottom, catching up with all seriously neglected friends (many), still fitting in my exercise regime as well as finishing this little selection and doing all the gardening. Nope. None of that happened. My wee cough is about to begin. See you on the other side.


There’s no greater feeling than a Sunday evening with no Monday morning alarm needing to be set.  Doesn’t happen often but today is one of those Sundays and I’m jolly excited.  I may just take myself off to bed with one of these books.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but one thing I DO know is tomorrow morning I absolutely will NOT be setting my alarm, getting up at 6.00am and going to spin class.  Sorry, guys, you’re going to have to manage without me! 🙌


Have a great week everyone.


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