My Week In Pictures – Sunshine and Haar

May is a beautiful month.  You can usually guarantee some warm weather and this week did not disappoint. I had taken a week off work – which actually means I was just as busy as when I’m at work, it had just changed shape.  Even so, I managed some great catch ups with much-neglected friends and Monday did something minor in the great scheme of things but to me was utter heaven.  The weather was boiling, some, (not me) said it was too hot. So I put dinner in the oven then went down to the beach in the late afternoon and read a book.  It was bliss.  Orkney Beef and Peedie Meatball were there playing in the sand and I finished reading my book.  It was such a lovely hour that I wondered why I don’t do it more often in better weather.  I’m only a mile or so away from the beach.  *Adds downing tools and heading to the beach to To-Do list*

Hot hot hot! I love everybody
A mile from home

What is wrong with this picture?


Yes that’s correct.  The jam is on first then the cream.  I know, it’s ghastly right?

My lovely 90-year-old friend had her funeral this week and our church did a combined catering effort. Never let it be said that our curch under catered, there was, as usual,  enough to feed Napoleon’s army.  There was an enormous turn out for a very special lady, and as funerals go, it really was very lovely and so fitting for the person she was.  She was an excellent cook and would of thoroughly approved of the joking that took place of the great jam/cream divide that took place in the afternoon.  I don’t know what  order May would have chosen, but I DO know after a quick google search that the Queen does it the correct  my way. 😉

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful May Stockan

June wasn’t exactly bursting out all over as we woke up on June 1st to thick fog or Haar as it’s called in Orkney. It made for some fabulously atmospheric shots like this one taken by my friend Caroline Haigh.


The fog quickly clears and the correct views are restored.


But it’s been problematic for flights causing delays as the mist rolls in from the sea.

This week I started a writing exercise called Couch to 80k It’s a ten minute daily writing exercise my author friend Sara Bailey introduced me to.  She’s trying to steer me away from always writing on a laptop to see how things would develop if I used a good old fashioned pen and paper.  So she gave me my first moleskin writing book. I met up with her and another friend to discuss writing and came away with a real boost to my confidence (as well as a new book) A great way to spend a Saturday morning.  Thank you!


wood light creative space
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on

Back to work this week, but routine is good.  It’s been such a busy one, I know exactly how Peedie Smiler feels.


Have a great week everyone.


One thought on “My Week In Pictures – Sunshine and Haar

  1. I was brought up in SA and we always do jam before cream so there! Orkney is definitely prettier than Thurso


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