My New Thing

I absolutely love being by the sea.  Ever since I was a child and we had our annual holidays to the ‘seaside’ I have always been mesmerized by the sound of the waves, the vastness of the ocean and the secrets that it holds.  Moving to Orkney I thought I would spend my entire life at the beach but life gets in the way. I can see the beach from my sitting room and kitchen window. (Skail beach which hosts the very famous Skara Brae) , I drive past the beach every day on my way to work and through the course of my day,  so I see plenty of it but I realized that through all the busyness of life, (and it does seem VERY busy!) I have stopped actually going.  Until my new thing…..


Here’s the new thing.  I now stop off on my way home from work, get out of my car and go and sit on the beach and read my book for half and hour.  I feel the warmth of the early evening sun on me, I hear the sound of the waves, I take off my shoes and read my book and get grains of sand in between the pages.  (Sorry Orkney Library and to the next borrower of the book!) I feel relaxed and happy and wonder why I don’t do this more often.  Then I go on home and realise no one has starved through lack of feeding for half an hour’s delay.

The thing only started today, but it’s a great thing and I plan to keep doing the thing for as long as I can.  I love my new thing. I love almost  everybody.

Here, doing my thing




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