And then there was silence

After over 24 hours of severe wind, rain and hail stones there is finally silence.  Silence outside as we can’t hear roof tiles rattling any more nor various miscellaneous items being throw about the garden, and silence inside as the Sky box seems to have malfunctioned due to the storm. Hubby (Orkney beef) and I spent about an hour trying to get it going again but then gave up and decided to speak to each other instead. It was quite nice.  The dog started to get jealous that I was cuddling her man on the sofa so just to show her who is really top dog around here I lay across him reading my book (The Outrun by Amy Liptrot.  It’s truly fantastic, read full review here) Due to long days in his job he took himself off to bed early and I am left alone with myself and the soundless rest of the evening.

In a world full of constant noise I’d forgotten how refreshing silence can be.  I can think to the end of my thought, something I took for granted until I had children. I had another enjoyable few minutes of silence today in my lunch break at work, a library which is not even a year old.  The view from the upstairs is something else and pictured is  a photo I took yesterday during the peak of the storm. It’s a view which is the same yet changes daily.  We have several come in to study and write.  If I could be paid to write all day I would take up residence there daily for inspiration I’m sure. As one of my colleagues kindly said ‘your day will come’ Amen to that.




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