Keeping Upright

There are gains and losses to living in such an exposed area.  The gains are the breathtaking panoramic views which I never tire of. I can see down to the Bay of Skaill (pictured)from my sitting room window and the waves can be pretty spectacular.   The losses has to be it’s not very sheltered and on a day like today the wind just about knocking you over when you make the dash from the car to the house or vice versa.  Today brought with it the much anticipated storm Gertrude. I’ve seen wind speed recording of over 100mph in some places in Orkney so we knew it was going to be fun. Thanks to my dedicated 20 years of carb loading and being slightly on the short side I’m well designed to stick to the ground in extreme weathers, I don’t topple easily.  Let’s just say it would take a good gust to blow ME over. Coupled together with the fact that I’d had the sense to move the car to right by the front door last night, I stepped out feeling suitably confident that I was prepared to get to work with minimum of fuss.  Not so. I managed to get the car door open, throw my bag and lunch box  vaguely in the direction of the back seat and climb into the drivers seat, but then realised good sense didn’t stretch to me parking the car the right way around, so I couldn’t get the door closed against the wind no matter how hard I pulled. Eventually I had to admit defeat and dash back into the house to wake my sleeping teenage son who was enjoying a lie in due to schools being closed. I opened the door with my hair like a birds nest from three seconds outside and in a whimpering pathetic voice (he’s used to this) asked him to get up and help me.  From when he was 12 weeks old until he was 11 years when I remarried, I raised him and his sister on my own. Some how in spite of me as his mother (or possibly because I’m such a lunatic) I have the most even tempered, calm and easy going boy on the planet. He got up, put on some clothes then came out bundled me into the car, closed the door and sent me on my way without even so much as rolling his eyes. The rest of day went ahead remarkably drama free, and on my return home you’ll be pleased to know I have parked the car the right way around. Needless to say I didn’t get a photo of the high seas today so here is one taken last summer to remind myself why I put up with days like this.



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