My Week In Pictures – Sunrise and Sparkle

I’ve been in Orkney for over 11 years and this week I believe I witnessed the best sunrise ever.  It took me ages to reach my swimming destination because I was continually pulling the car over to stop and take another photo which I’m about to spam you with. See for yourself, you can thank me later.

View from my drive
My daily commute
Frosty grass and a loch on fire
The lochs were freezing
IMG_8381 2
The Ring of Brodgar has seen these sunrises for thousands of years
The best sunrise ever

When I reached my swim the seaweed was frozen and crunchy underfoot.  The water temperature was 4.5 and I don’t need to tell how cold that was.  Numbingly cold and I managed 12 minutes  I had wanted to go in one of the lochs for a brief dip as they were frozen and it’s a goal of mine, but because of safety I didn’t want to do it alone so regrettably drove on by.  But one of these days….

Frozen seaweed at Inganess beach

My sister has been over from America and it’s been great to see her.  Her help with supporting Mum and Dad has been invaluable and she achieved far more than I ever could.  A word of advice to all of you.  Have your power of attorney in place because you’ll be so glad you did should it be required.  That said, even if it’s in place, it’s still a painful process going through the motions of taking over even if it’s to protect someone. Dementia is wretched, but tea and crab sandwiches takes the edge off for a moment. ❤

Having lunch together

It’s party season and yesterday evening we had a great time at a ceilidh. (pronounced Kaylee, Orkney and Scottish dancing for those further afield)  I wore a sparkly dress and absolutely loved it.  I quickly realized that I was going to shed glitter everywhere and Orkney Beef’s car looked like he’d had a guest unicorn in the passenger seat.  I have absolutely no regrets wearing it though, even if Orkney Beef regrets driving such sparkly awesomeness around.



Strutting their stuff, my sister and Orkney Beef enjoy a dance.

Have a great week everyone.



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