My Week In Pictures – 350 In Dog Years!

After banging on about turning 50 for the last year you’ll be jolly pleased to know that I will bang on no more as it’s finally happened! My banging on about wild swimming, however, will not cease, and I’m not sorry.

I managed to milk every ounce out of birthday celebrations and feel thoroughly loved by everyone who gave such thoughtful gifts and cards.  It goes without saying that there was very much a sea theme with books about swimming, pictures and jewellery.  It was very touching to see so much thought and attention going into all my lovely gifts and I thank everyone very much.  Despite truly rotten weather at the beginning of the week I managed a double-dip on my birthday.  I celebrated my first in absolute style as only a birthday girl should.

GPTempDownload 15
Queen of the sea

In the last full moon of the decade, I entered the waters again and swam at moonlight followed by sparklers and being sung to.  What a great way to turn 350 in dog years.


We slowly put our decorations up.  I say slowly because the tree sat in the house undecorated for a week before I finally got around to decorating it.  In amongst the decorations, I found this lovely starfish one and reflected on how special starfish are to me now after posing like a starfish in the sea earlier this year. As an overweight middle aged woman it was totally liberating to break out of the conventional box and I have no plans to get back in again. I’ve finally fallen in love with myself and I don’t want that to change.

IMG_9438 2
A lot has happened since this was last out of its box


As we approach the shortest day ( and longest night) I always enjoy the fairy lights of Christmas decorations……


But I especially love the natural light. It feels perpetually dark at this time of year so I’m grateful for every scrap of light Orkney has to show us.  Pictured is this afternoon’s offering, taken through my sitting room window, eternally grateful for this glorious view.

3pm Sunday

Yesterday evening I completed my week-long birthday celebrations by throwing a 350th in dog years party.  It had taken a lot of persuasion to make me do it as I hadn’t planned to do anything but thanks to a convincing daughter Miss Lashes and lovely friends who told me I could do it, I hosted an open house and people came along with their fabulous company.  Most poignant was when the husband of my late friend Fiona walked in with a cake.  Fiona died in January and we all feel her loss keenly. Fiona always made amazing birthday cakes for people and so when her husband walked in and said ‘what would Fiona do?‘ it nearly broke me! It was made in her mixer too.  How special.


We all had a lovely time and though I was exhausted today and had a bombsight to clean up, I was extremely grateful for having wonderful friends near and far who celebrated with me by sending cards, messages, love and light.

My cup runneth over…..


Have  great week everyone.  As always, thank you for reading and saying hello when you see me out and about.


2 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – 350 In Dog Years!

  1. Another great blog with some lovely photos. Have a great Christmas and thanks for sharing your year, it’s been a blast.
    See you in 2020 for more adventures.

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