My Week In Pictures -Ups and Downs

It’s been a super busy week filled with lots of ups and downs. Life is like that some times.  Miss Lashes was traveling up on a train and unfortunately, someone decided to end their life in front of the train causing enormous distress to my daughter.  Our hearts go out to all people in such desperate need especially at what can be such a stressful time for many. We are also thinking of the many train drivers who have to deal with such a difficult incident and all the emergency services.  Thankfully Miss Lashes and Tech Support met up in Aberdeen the following day to head up to Orkney and my family is together and my heart is full.


Many struggle at this time of year including me.  Whilst its been an amazing year in terms of sea swimming and fun, it’s also been a heartbreaking year watching The Mothership deteriorate with dementia.   But we have reached the longest night, and thankfully in no time at all the days will stretch out again.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I’ll be back with my annual round-up  next Sunday.

IMG_9708 2


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