Simmer dim pictures

*Simmer dim: midsummer nightlong twilight in the northern isles

I was driving home from a concert the other night and it was close to midnight.  The solstice skies were so stunning I decided to take the scenic route home and take a few pictures.  All photos taken with an iphone and no filters needed.  Pictured below are the standing stones of Stenness against a stunning sky backdrop.  These Neolithic stones are thought to be the oldest henge site in the UK.  Further along the road is the Ring of Brodgar a circle of standing stones like these ones.  I decided not to photograph them as there is work going on there at the moment and the scaffolding meant the photo lacked a certain something.

Standing stone
Standing Stones of Stennes taken midnight 22.06.2016

The Bay of Skaill sits a mile away form my home and I can see it from my sitting room and kitchen window.  The views from my home are breath taking and I never tire of them.

Bay of Skaill

This is a panoramic view of the same place

Bay of Skaill panoramic

At midnight the garden view looked like this





The following night I was driving home late again and snapped a few more.

The end of my road as I head out at 8.30pm
Kirkwall marina 23.06.2016
Kirkwall harbour 23.06.2016




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