My Week in Pictures – New Dawn, New Life

Some weeks are good, and some weeks are gooder. Although it was a week off work, for reasons I will later explain it ended up being busier than ever and the reason I took time off (to put huge effort into getting a book together to something more ready for publishing) was never achieved. However, all was not lost as Autumn this year seems to have given us some utter corkers of mornings.  Monday didn’t bode well with a misty  and moody drive to a morning swim but the mist cleared and we ended up with beauty.

The view from my garden

Before the sands of time run out I managed tea and toast outside on the bench and a barefoot walk in the wet grass.  Strangely as much as I enjoy swimming outside I don’t really enjoy being outside all that much unless it’s in the sea – intentional, with purpose.  So the garden grounding was short lived but still not unpleasant.


And as always when there’s toast on the go the dog was on standby to catch a scrap


Despite being off work I rose early every day to swim with a group to catch the sunrise and I have no regrets.  Thursday, everything seemed to align to create the most fantastic sunrise and mood ever and it turned out to be my very favourite swim yet.

Press play



Almost 20 years ago I went into labour with my second child and to cut a long story short my friend had to drive me to the hospital and stay with me for the delivery because the father was unavailable.  After a short and intense labour I gave birth to my son, with my friend holding my hand.  Giving birth is a powerful and intense experience and it was the same for MyfriendJulia.  We’ve often spoken about it over the years.

This week I was asked to be alongside a friend who was due to deliver her child at any time.  What an honour and what a responsibility! but also a wonderful chance to pay it forward. I spent several days in anticipation waiting for the call but circumstances were such that on Friday we ended up with a C section and huddled underneath a sort of screen – come – den talking about anything but what was going on the other side of the screen.  Within minutes, and expertise from all the skilled NHS staff, another new baby was delivered into the world.  For the next few hours I watched as mother and baby adjusted to a new life stretched out ahead of them.  Thousands of memories came flooding back, some of them good, some of them with relief I don’t have to go through again.  Becoming a new mum is frightening,  exhilarating, exhausting, wonderful, and intense. There’s no manual, just a strength of bond and love that bypasses any other feeling. A love strong enough to carry you through all the questions and uncertainty and into a new life where you can barely imagine a life before.  I stayed the night and had the joy of first dirty nappy as well as some beautiful cuddles. I loved listening to the little sounds and squeaks that baby made as they breathed.  How special to be part of the first few hours.  Details of are sex, weight and name are not mine to disclose, but I CAN confirm that baby is very healthy and very, very cute.  Welcome to the world little one.

IMG_7172 2

This morning after such a week of sunrises was wet and windy.  I really didn’t want to be bothered with getting up to swim but forced myself to as I’d missed a couple of days with baby.  The end result was no regrets at all.  We were rewarded with a double rainbow and sea urchins. Some jokes just write themselves…..

GPTempDownload 10

We’re going to need considerably bigger urchins

I’m back to work for a rest! Have a great week everyone.



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