My Week In Pictures – Looking for Sunbeams

There’s not better Sunday evening than one where you don’t have to go to work on the Monday. Thanks to a Bank Holiday I’m living my best life right this second as I can look forward to going to bed and not setting the alarm.  This doesn’t happen often!  To top off the joy it’s the final episode of Line of Duty tonight.  Not gonna lie, as much as I love the series I find myself totally confused as to who is a suspect and who isn’t.  So much so that I start to suspect myself of being a bent copper and I’m not even in the police.  So hopefully by the time it’s all wrapped up tonight I’ll have a vague scooby of who did it. Sue Perkins had the right idea in episode one.


It’s been a confusing week all round.  How can it be that at the begining of the week I am swimming in sunglasses in glorious sunshine and by the end of the week I’m running to the car in a bad dash as the hailstones rain down on me?  (it hurts!)  Once again we were lulled in to a false sens of security thinking warm weather was on the way only to come crashing down to earth with a bump as we lit the fire and bought more kindling. *rolls eyes*

Good while it lasted.  (not long)

I realise I’m becoming a bit samey but I’ve found such a passion for wild swimming and am taking every opportunity that arises to engage in such a fun activity with lovely people. 1st May is a chance to swim at sunrise and that means getting up at stupid o clock.



  I was in two minds about doing this because I’m not a morning person. but have no regrets at all.  Four of us went to a local beach whilst a bigger crowd went through to another beach further away.  The atmosphere at that time in the morning was magical and a curious seal popped up near to us to say hello, but there wasn’t much colour and I ended up creating my own sunrise using a tow float, designed to make swimmers highly visible in the water.



Cheats never prosper and while I thought I was being clever setting my phone on the shore to capture moments, I had omitted to think about the tide coming in.  This resulted in my having a lovely swim and realizing it was dangerously close to the sea when I came back.  I went flying out the sea as fast as I could to rescue it just as the water lapped over the top of the tripod.

Just to secure the fact that I have joined an elite group of completely insane people we went for a sunset swim on the same day.  This meant being in the water for 9.15pm.  Can we get out yet? asked Helen getting cold.  YES! said Lucy with a big cheer.  We’d done it. Another thing ticked off the swimming bucket list.


I’m sure I didn’t invent swimming bucket lists but it’s something I have now.  For example I wanted to swim in both the North Sea and the Atlantic on the same day.  This involved swimming in one sea, getting out, crossing a road and getting in on another side of the Churchill Barriers whilst looking like complete fruit loops to tourists just coming in off the boat. But it’s the insanity of it that I love. Roughly 16 people joined in to take part in the shenanigans. It really was great fun and there was so much joy and laughter heard in the waves.


Joy seems to sum it up.  I really have found a joy and passion for this activity which is why there’s so many pictures of it. I have a swimming bestie who regularly takes her camera and calls me her personal paparazzi.  I offered to readdress the balance today and take some pictures of her.

Would you like me to take your picture Ally?

Yes please

*takes picture of self*


Anyway I’m beocming a bore. Here’s some Orkney pictures from the archives to keep you sweet.  I’m off to confuse myself in Line of Duty.  Have a great week everyone.





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