My Week In Pictures – The Shape Of The Sea

It’s happened.  We’ve had our first BBQ of the season.  Which means trooping in and out of the house 150 times for plates, sauce bottles, salad, cutlery, drinks blah blah blah.  All for the sake of eating a few sausages in the great outdoors in ever so slightly warmer than usual weather.  The good news is at least the weather is warming up a smidge. See also The Man’s Guide to BBQs

IMG_0497 2
Heading down to the beach

It’s easy to be confused in May.  The phrase Ne’eer cast a cloot ’till May be out is there for good reason.  There was frost on the ground one morning in the week with an air temperature ranging from a chilly -1 to 2 degrees.  A few days later and the sun is shining and people are racing down to the beach in their lunchtime for fun and frolics.  We can spend so long sitting in front of the computer at work that we go home in the shape of the chair.  Or we can be intentional with our lunchtimes and go home in the shape of the sea.  For me it’s a no brainer, the sea wins every time.

IMG_0369 2
Photo by Peter Fay.  Legs by Eleanor. 

Work takes up a lot of my time so its important to make the free time count.  I can certainly say I sleep well and people are constantly commenting on how tanned and well I look.  Admittedly I was in Lanzerote two months ago but I think being outside and in the sea so much is also helping and the joy is infectious.  I’ve lost count of how many people have joined in recently but it’s fabulous to see so many people enjoying a great activity that’s relatively cheap.  I say relatively – the extras are optional but for most people serious about outdoor swimming a Dryrobe is pretty much essential.  I swim so frequently mine has become a second skin.

@seasaltandsarah is on Instagram

I don’t wear a wet suit, just a swimming costume and neoprene shoes to protect my feet.  I’d been borrowing a friends pair for ages and eventually bought some of my own. Only when I went to return the pair, I realized I’d left them at the beach days before.  I went back to the beach and searched where I had been but no joy.  I was disappointed and annoyed at myself but prepared myself to go home and order a replacement pair.  As I left I saw tucked away behind a stone the shoes.  Someone had found them and left them for me to collect.  These small acts of kindness make the world go round.  And through the power of Facebook I was able to track down the finder and thank them.  But at the time, all I could do was say thank you into the universe.


Yesterday a couple of us went to Shapinsay to visit friends and swim in some new spots.  I love visiting this little island and it’s so accessible from the mainland with a regular boat service and just half an hour.   It’s a small island with a population of about 330 but not without its castle and also tea plantation in its embryonic stage.  I know, because I’ve seen both.

Balfour Castle

Orkney Beef finally joined me in the water today.  He made zero fuss and went straight in because he’s hard as nails but he wasn’t like my other swim besties.  No, he had to grab me while I’m swimming making me scream, scoosh water in my face and generally think he’s hilariously funny. He probably did it so I didn’t invite him again….

The dot in the water is Orkney Beef. 

and we finished off the evening by swapping cold water for hot in the hot tub.  He’s been banging on about one for months and months and when I finally bought one as they were on offer he says ‘can we afford it’ Readers, I can’t win.


Have a great week and if you want to see more regular updates why not follow my Norq from Ork Facebook Page or my Instagram dedicated outdoor swimming account. @seasaltandsarah

Have fun!


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