My Week In Pictures – Smiles and Sunsets

A transformation is taking place in me that I’m loving.  You may remember last December I decided to try and do 49 challenges for being 49.  Some more taxing than others, and this led to sea swimming in January, which led to sea swimming every week which led to photos like these being taken of me which sums up how I feel when I overcome obstacles, most of them psychological barriers telling me I can’t do things.

Photo Credit Kim Dearness

This photo was taken on bank holiday Monday when several new people tried sea swimming.  So there was a fair gaggle of women who trooped down to the beach screaking and laughing.  I bumped into James and Richard who were here camping only on the beach and thankfully completely unfazed by their peace being disturbed.

Now camping like THAT takes admiration.  They had built a little wall for shelter and even managed to roast a leg of lamb on their campfire. (I saw photographic evidence)  I imagine it was cold camping out as the wind has been quite fierce the early part of the week but being as I’m in the mood for micro adventures I found myself quite challenged by wanting to have a go. Maybe I will, but I’ll need to persuade a very reluctant Orkney Beef to go with me so actually, maybe I won’t.

IMG_4641 2
They returned the stones to their natural habitat when their trip was over.

I could waffle on all day about sea swimming but to stop you getting bored out of your brains I’ll just encourage you to go to my Instagram page Seasaltand Sarah for all the updates but it’s fair to say it’s been another week of lots of laughs.  I sometimes swim in groups and sometimes with my partner in crimes Alison Moore (check out her website here Alison Moore Designs) and we really do laugh our heads off much of the time.  Especially Saturday when she gave me a try of her snorkel.  Once you can stop laughing it really is a fabulous piece of kit for seeing underwater, but you sound like Darth Vadar and look like nothing on earth.  This little clip is well worth a press play just for the laughs.

One thing I tried this week was rowing with the Orkney Rowing Club.  What a fabulous time I had on the water doing something I discovered I absolutely suck at.  I didn’t realize how hard it is until I nearly ended up over the side of the boat and in the water after ‘catching a crab’ which is the term used for momentarily losing technique of the oar.  The crew were incredibly patient with me and it was such fun I think the experience is worthy of a blog of its own which I’ll follow up within the week.  But for now, thanks for a really fun time from this really sucky rower.


And following our row we headed down to the water to get in by choice to do something I’m much better ar which is sea swimming and setting timelapse videos!

Photo credit Alison Moore

 Social media can be a funny old place.  There are things about it which I love and some things about it which I very much don’t like.  I always try to send a positive vibe and life-bringing message, and this can mean making yourself vulnerable and at the mercy of the watching and reading public.  I’m very fortunate that I receive lovely comments from people and this one really touched my heart this week which came in via Instagram. I’m just so delighted that my little corner of the internet is having a positive impact on people.  We really don’t know who is watching and reading and who might just need a little bit of something that we have to give.  So stay positive and be kind to one another.  It really does make a difference.

As the sun sets on another week, here’s a shot of my local beach at Skaill where I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place like Orkney.  I’ve had such a packed week that I’ve no place to fit in other photos reflecting what I’ve been up to. I sleep well at night.  It’s no wonder!

IMG_5104 2.jpg

Have a great week everyone.




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