Who Cares?

Three years ago this month, my husband Orkney Beef became very ill overnight with sepsis.  Life flipped on its head and I was faced with the very real possibility that I may have to become his carer.  This was something I was willing and able to do should the need arise but I was also … More Who Cares?

To All The Women

Originally posted on Norq From Ork:
It’s international women’s day and thousands if not millions of women will be sharing stories of inspiring women from around the globe. Many of them who have changed the world and their stories reach far and wide.  They are incredible women. I on the other hand want to say…

Shhhhh Quiet Please

And those of you who think libraries are boring clearly haven’t read the Orkney Library Twitter page.  It’s absolutely hilarious and another 47.4 thousand readers think so too.  See here for some of the best ever #bookface entries on the internet. @OrkneyLibrary  but laugh quietly please, you’re in a library.  … More Shhhhh Quiet Please

My Week In Pictures

So to summarize I have no cards written and still not all presents wrapped and no Christmas pudding because I forgot to buy one (and going back to the shops would mean spending another £86 on ‘essentials’) and the house still looks like it’s been turned over.  I have the beginning of two black eyes thanks to smacking myself in the face off the car door whilst taking the aforementioned shopping in the house, I staggered in crying and shouting GET SOMETHING COLD! Tech Support rummages through the shopping and comes out with a bag of frozen stuffing.  I try that for about 10 seconds before shouting COLD CLOTH COLD CLOTH and repeatedly asking him if it was broken or bleeding. Thankfully not, but when things calmed down he said to me ‘in other news, you’re the ugliest cryer’ Oh how we laughed. Quite frankly, all I want for Christmas is this to be left alone.

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The Songaminute Man

Today is World Alzheimers Day and what better day to show you this amazing man.  Teddy Mac has had Alzheimers since 2013 and here’s a bit of his story from the website. Song a minute man Dad was a singer throughout his life – he was a Butlin’s Redcoat and then travelled around singing in clubs around … More The Songaminute Man