My Week In Pictures – Being OK

Last week’s Friday self knew how this week’s Monday self was going to be.  Last week’s Friday self knew my Monday self was going to be a tad emotional when she got to work after having put her son on a plane bound for the big wide world and a new life. So my Friday self wrote a note to my Monday self.

Note to self

Well done Friday self, that was a sterling piece of advice. Maybe if you’de left me some chocolate in the desk drawer for your Monday self it could have been perfect but even so, good job.

I cried lots before Tech Support left, I drove him to the airport to leave home exactly ten years after driving him to Orkney to start a new life here.  Poignant.  The plane was delayed but I managed to keep it together for the two hours delay we had. However, as soon as they announced his flight I burst out crying again.  He was glad to get on the flight for a break. Whatever, I’m emotional.  Don’t judge me.

Saying goodbye at the airport

As he walked away I took a snap of him before uploading a load of emotional, tear-inducing guff onto social media.  I am not sorry.

Dear Big Wide World. I am sending him out to join you. I’ve spent 18 years raising him and now as he comes to join you I’m trusting you to look after him, and be kind to him. Show him amazing things, give him lots of fun and laughter, healthy friendships and relationships, and show him what an incredible place you can be when fledglings fly the nest. Don’t destroy his beautiful soul, don’t dishearten him, don’t you dare be cruel to him. It’s not that I won’t see him again soon, it’s the significance of him going. I don’t expect anyone to love him as much as I do. But if you’re lucky enough to glimpse a fraction of it you’ll understand. He’ll be fine, I’m sure given time I will be too. #leavinghome#mothersandsons #emptynest 💔


Apart from moping around and voicing how sad I was to anyone unlucky enough to be within earshot, I managed to get down to the fabulous flower display at St Magnus Cathedral. The theme was Inspiring Women and seeing the incredible creativity and beauty in the flowers and in such an atmospheric building, I must admit I started filling up again. My photos really don’t do the flowers justice.  Incredible work.
IMG_0821 2
They were all remarkable.  I loved the Suffragettes one. Green, White, Violet ‘Give Women Votes’
At the end of a mixed week for a variety of reasons my desk calendar decided to stick the knife in by telling me I suck.
But someone who has gone on to make a complete success of her Peter and Jane blog is Gill Sims who has gone on to publish two hilarious books.  She came to Orkney Library and Archive to talk about how it all came about and I went along to listen.
IMG_0845 2
Part of her success I think is her daring to say in her writing what the rest of us are probably thinking. She read an excerpt from her book on the ‘back to school photo’ which was absolutely hilarious.  It was a fun evening and the laughs continued when we tried (almost in vain) to get a group photo.
IMG_0844 2
Friday evening we packed up Tech Support’s entire life, loaded it into the back of the car and headed off on the boat to take it down to him.  He had left earlier in the week for his induction day at college and we were taking his things down at the weekend.  Boat rides for me usually begin a week or so before when I begin checking the weather forecast furiously. See Confessions of a Sea Sick Drama Queen (and a long suffering husband) this week was no different and by Thursday I couldn’t contain it any longer and began asking Orkney Beef the usual questions.  Could he predict exactly what the boat was going to be like?  EXACTLY.  The usual conversations took place. ‘You’ll be fine, the wind is in the right direction, etc etc.  By Friday morning I was in a bit of a state as I drove to work looking at the white horses on the sea wondering just how ill I was potentially going to be.  (I’ve never been sick on the boat in ten years, just shows you how messed up I am)  Then I spotted the beginning of a rainbow.  I always have such hope when I see a rainbow.  I always see it as God’s way of reassuring me.
You’ll be ok said my inner voice from me to me.  Which brought me full circle to my Monday self.
By the way, I was.
Have a great week everyone. I know I’m early this week with MWIP but don’t worry, it won’t last.

4 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Being OK

  1. You will be fine. And he’ll be fine, because you’ve done your job and taught him well. Change can be scary, but it can be exciting too. I wonder what this new chapter holds for you. xx

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