My Week In Pictures – Holding Back The (T)Years.

I won’t lie. This week I have mostly been crying. I cried at Mama Mia 2 (no spoilers but if you’ve seen it you’ll know which bit) I cried on the way to work, I cried at home, I cried at 2am, and this morning I cried in church with non-waterproof mascara leaving me looking like Alice Cooper. I’s been endless tears and I fear there are more to come. As I mentioned before I’m a regular crier but to be fair, this week I have good reason.  My lovely son is leaving home leaving no more children at home.  I’ve been surprised at the strength of my emotions even for me, but I think it’s a combination of reflecting on 25 years parenting changing shape and the stress of the what if he doesn’t pass is exams to enable him to go, finding somewhere for him to stay and affording the whole thing. But mostly, because he’s leaving, and I miss him already.


My work mug, it’s so fitting!

Exam results were this week for those pupils in Scotland and Tech Support was waiting on results he needed for a conditional offer to go to College to study sound production.  He will be brilliant at this, he’s great at anything that requires sound and a cable – how do you think he got his name Tech Support? Academic subjects have been more of a struggle and he’s had to re-sit a couple of exams this year. Having been given an unconditional offer at one place and a conditional at the other he chose the college with the conditional offer.  Therefore it was even more important he passed.  Whilst he’d done well in his prelims, it’s still a nerve-wracking time.  He’s clearly far more relaxed than me about everything in the entire world.  As I woke early and anxiously waited for the text message which would lead to a cheer or to start pushing the panic buttons, he lay snoozing in his bed.  By 9.30am I couldn’t wait any longer and went and woke him. Bleary eyed he checked his phone ‘yeah, I’m in’  He casually said. He’d done really well in his exams and I *may have cried again. He later told me he plans to earn enough money to buy me a new house. ( I’m pleased he’s aiming high but told him if he’s going to be earning all that then he needs to find a trust worthy accountant)   Well done Tech Support, I am bursting with pride at the young man you’ve blossomed into.  You’re going to be brilliant at life.


Admittedly he rolled his eyes at my highly fragile state a couple of times this week but I happen to know he’s cried about it himself.  I took this photo of him shedding a wee tear.  I’ll be honest,  its a few *cough* 18 years old now but I’m certain he was thinking about leaving home when I took it. 😉

Feeling sad about leaving home

In other news the skies have been glorious this week.  Well done Orkney, you keep coming up with the goods.  We’ve been dog sitting for the last couple of weeks so alongside Hope our little dog we’ve had Holly and much bigger hairier dog.  So double dog walks have been on the agenda and a chance to catch some great skies and sunsets.  When I look up, I still can’t believe I live here.  Its been ten years this week since I moved to Orkney and my life is a far cry from the city life I left behind.  Do I miss it?  occasionally.  But I continue to feel extremely privileged to live in such a special part of the world.

The sun sets on my home

IMG_0665 2

Mornings have been just a grand and on my way to the gym early one morning I pulled over for a minute (I may or may not have been crying) to compose myself because I’m clearly a ridiculous non-coping drama queen. take this picture.


Summer is now over and it’ll soon be winter, its downhill all the way guys.  Any Orcadian will know whey I’ve said this, but for those of you not living here it’s because the shows are over.  County show is the last of the island shows and a huge event in the Orkney calendar.  Once it’s over people always say summer is over too.  Dounby show has a great display of crafts, cakes, flowers, jams, and biggest turnip etc. I love seeing the efforts people go to. Prizes are modest (Father Bear once won 75p for his tomatoes) proving the important point that it’s the taking part that matters. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the fantastic talent, effort and community spirit people show at events such as this.

Best in show

My favourite category has to be the childrens’ animals out of vegetables and fruit, one.  It’s inspired!  Really, how can anyone be downcast when you see genius work like this.


and this


As I type I can hear Tech Support vacuuming his room as it’s all packed up.  I’ve finished this blog early today as I’m going to go and spend time with him and have a meal out.  A new season starts tomorrow.  We’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.  Have a great week everyone.


8 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Holding Back The (T)Years.

  1. I’m the same, one went last year, one son getting his results this week, I miss him so much already too! It does get easier, but then when they come home and go again, the tears start for me again! xx

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  2. Comfort to you Sarah. Have obviously also known that feeling indeed many times… Still continually amazed by your ‘insightful’ and entertaining bloggs.All best. X

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