My Week In Pictures- May days and morning dew.

What an absolute corker of a day to wake up to on Monday morning. I was out the house by 6.30am and it was one of those beautiful hazy days where you know it’s going to turn out beautiful. I was at work all day so missed the best of it but I certainly think Monday mornings are much more bearable when your drive to work looks like this.

Stennes Loch Orkney.


1st May was another beautiful morning. Traditionally people are supposed to wash their face in the morning dew on 1st May to keep them young looking. Always willing to try something new (other than bungee jumping, skydiving and swimming with sharks) I went out into the early morning sunshine and dabbed some of the early morning dew onto my face and felt slightly mad doing it. But I saw on Twitter that others had done the same and I thought there was something rather lovely about joining forces with other mad people carrying out a long-standing tradition. I LOVE mornings like these and hearing the sea from my garden in the early sunshine probably goes a long way to keeping me feel young but I guess anything’s worth a try.


Face washing in the garden



The view from my garden

Those of you who follow my Facebook Page , I passed over 1000 likes this week, (Hurrah!) so some of you will have already read this. But for those of you that missed it, here’s a second look.

I absolutely love my new mug which arrived in the post today from hey crybaby. I cry if I’m happy, I cry if I’m sad, I cry if I’m frustrated, I cry if I’m proud of myself, or tired, I could even cry third party on your behalf. I cry at films, at music, I cry at what’s happened in the past and I cry at what could happen in the future. Sometimes full on ugly crying, sometimes a slight welling up, but friends who know me know I come with tears and sometimes in public. As a single parent for many years it was my go-to coping mechanism. I cried every single day for years and years, I was lonely skint and exhausted. After a good cry I was still lonely, skint and exhausted but I felt better. I cry way less these days than I used to when in single parent mode but even so I’m a fully fledged, self-confessed, card-carrying cryer. Whatever, I’m still amazing, Thanks @thecrybabyclub_ this rocks!


Crying is good for you.  Discuss

I was a bit wiped out mid-week and had raging toothache thanks to wisdom teeth issues.  subsequently, I missed a few days exercise but Friday I was back on the bike in our early morning cycling class.  Normally I go on a bike right at the back but I’m getting fitter and braver so on Friday I went and sat right at the front.  I feel so encouraged by all the lovely people there and so proud of my new found achievements in my steps to fitness.  As we peddled and puffed away, red-faced and sweaty, my friend turned to me and said in her Lady Penelope voice ‘I think we’re about due a coffee break’ Just as well I don’t drink coffee, I might have given up.


Monday is a Mayday Bank Holiday for me.  Such a great feeling on a Sunday evening knowing I don’t have to get up for work.  May is a lovely month.  I hope all your May days are filled with sunshine and happiness and never screamed down a radio because your boat is sinking.  Have fun all! x




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