My Week In Pictures – Birthdays, Ballet, and Tutus.

It’s been all things ballet tutus and tears this week in more ways than one.  Peedie Smiler, the second grandchild of Orkney Beef turned one in the week and as usual was all smiles, for her party(s) plural and cake.  She was 5 weeks premature but soon caught up taking her from this

FullSizeRender 20

To this




The tears, on the other hand, were mine as my son finished his school life ready to move on to the next stage.  I wrote about it here School’s Out Forever just in case you missed it, but for one more time (indulge a struggling mother please) here’s his first day and last day school photo. *sobs*


Orkney was lucky enough to get a visit from the Scottish Ballet this week and I was lucky enough to see them.  Strangely, there was not a tutu in sight. Highland Fling was a very modern take on La Sylphide and was absolutely BRI-LLI-ANT.  I enjoyed it so much I could have easily sat through it all again as soon as it finished.  The dance, scenes, costumes, choreography and storytelling was exceptional and I would urge anyone who gets the chance to see them on tour to go.  I wasn’t allowed to take photos but I can send you to their website if you want to see some highlights.  Scottish Ballet.  



It’s clearly grass cutting season.  I know this because a) Orkney Beef cut the grass and b) when I went with bags of gardening waste to the recycling centre the skip was completely full with freshly cut grass showing everyone else had the same idea. You can hear the whirring of lawn mowers as everyone begins their garden tidy up.  Orkney Beef always does the grass cutting and I dig the borders.  The garden is huge and Orkney Beef and I have totally different ideas about grass cutting.  Last time I did it, it didn’t end well. See Lessons in cutting the grass we were joking about this particular blog earlier in the week.


And now that spring is full swing my hens are laying regularly again.  I collected these two today and noticed one of the hens was walking like John Wayne.


IMG_1319 2
That’s gotta hurt!

The sun is shining on a far more regular basis now and I was able to take this wee shot with my phone recently of Stromness.



It really is a lovely little town full of nooks and crannies and adorable houses both old and new.  I’ve always loved the history of Stromness and would love a little house by the sea there.  Maybe one day, but for now I have to settle for being able to visit frequently through work and leisure.  I still count myself lucky to be living in Orkney as I approach my ten year anniversary in August.

And finally, whoever thinks church is boring should come along to ours.  Never a dull moment and today in the kitchen we had Kris demonstrating his ballet skills. He could do the splits aged 72.  Not a tutu in sight,  not even tears in his eyes. ooft, impressive.



Have a good one readers!


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