School’s Out Forever

Take a look at this picture.  It’s my son’s first day of school and last day of school (taken today)

I’m an emotional wreck.

After a span of 20 years (EEK! *cries again*) of signing permission slips, attending parents evenings (sometimes with pride, sometimes with dread) sending kids to school with a spoon of Calpol and a ‘you’ll be fine’ (only to be get a phone call half an hour later to be told said child has just barfed up said Calpol and could I come and collect them) nativity plays, school concerts, report cards, ‘is my PE kit ready for tomorrow?’ Questions at midnight, more permission slips, packed lunches, scraping round for dinner money change, school bags, holidays, sewing names in every mortal thing, tears, smiles, failures and successes, I no longer have children school attendance age.

It’s a very strange feeling and a sad one. I’ll be whining for some time because Tech Support leaves home this year and I’ll be sobbing into my empty nest, (just warning you). But for now I send simultaneous thanks and apologies to Miss T for my son’s embarrassing and very loud mispronunciation of the word crocodile in his first year at school, shout outs also go to Mrs K who wondered if he would ever be able to sit still for longer than thirty seconds, Mrs B for her endless patience when he still hadn’t mastered the art of sitting still, Mr B for bringing out the highly talented music tech side in him, giving him a firm foundation in an area he most definitely has a career marked out in, Mrs F and Mrs P for your kindness and patience and and for any other teacher who has impacted his life, I’m sure there are many.

It’s on to the next stage in life for all of us now. But first I’m going to celebrate the fact that I’ll never have to fill in and sign another permission slip again. Every cloud and all that!


Same child, just longer trousers




7 thoughts on “School’s Out Forever

  1. Be proud on your achievement, Sarah! Well done! I still have one year to go 😉. Permission slips are a thing of the past though, as my boy turned 18 three weeks ago and now can sign is own slips….and now I can never be sure to find my car when I need it 😉 have a great weekend!

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