My Week In Pictures

Those of you who follow my Norq From Ork Facebook page will know I’ve been whinging incessantly for days that I’ve been laid low with a virus this week.  A strange thing which made me so dizzy I couldn’t walk to the bathroom without holding on to the wall.  Swimming was ditched and I spent the whole of Thursday and most of Friday horizontal in bed.  This is very unlike me so I feel like I’ve lost two days but at least I’ve gained several hours sleep.


I’m not yet feeling very festive but maybe that will come later.  Before Christmas is the shortest day and I always feel happier when we’ve passed that.  We’ve still a long Winter to go but psychologically I feel better for knowing it won’t be perpetual darkness like it feels now.  There was at least the faintest chink of light in the early morning this week.  6 months time and it won’t get dark at all. Part of Orkney’s unique charm.



In happier news I had a birthday this week and went for dinner with a couple of close friends.  We went straight from work and were still there as the waiters were closing up.  we talked and laughed for hours and it was a brilliant way to spend a birthday.  Many thanks to two wonderful people.  Friendship is such great therapy.

Being a huge fan of snowdrops I was delighted with this beautiful necklace from The Mothership and Father Bear.  Thank you SO much. x

Beautiful snowdrop necklace

6 years ago I went to the last of my children’s nativity plays.  After sitting through at least 12 of them I was quite choked to attend my last.  This week, after 20 years of attending parent’s evenings I went to my last.  It was a strange feeling knowing that a part of my life is set to change forever. No children at school after the summer and I’ve spent 20 years making sure they get there on time, have their dinner money, sports kit, cooking ingredients etc thinking it would never end.  Now I am entering the ‘lasts’ I wonder where the time has gone and felt quite choked.  Tech Support has really blossomed this year and I’m told is proving to be a brilliant house captain.  Well done my boy!


As part of my birthday/festive eating I had a lovely lunch out with a friend.  We went to the Orkney Hotel which has an amazing display of whiskey.  I’ve never seen so much in my life.  (Personally, I can’t stand the stuff!) This is just a fraction of what they had.  Not being a fan, it doesn’t impress me, but if it’s your thing then here you go. You’re welcome.


One more week for me then it’s holiday time. Hopefully merry go round I’ve been on will grind to a complete halt.  I miss swimming!

Have a great week everyone.


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