My Week in Pictures

This week has been marked by two things.  The arrival of snow and the arrival of Christmas songs, jumpers, tinsel, lights….You get the picture.

It was super cold in the week.  We had a smattering of snow, making everywhere VERY slidy.  It was cold enough to freeze your face into an expressionless mask that won’t move.  Nature’s botox.



Sunset over Skaill Loch



Birds take flight

When things had warmed up a degree or two I braved the beach with the dog.  It’s fairly common in winter to have the beach to yourself and the dog doesn’t care how cold it is, she would gladly go in the sea whatever the temperature.  We played her favourite game.  It’s quite simple, I throw a stone and she finds it.

Looking for that elusive stone

Further down the beach lies the famous Skara Brae a settlement which is believed to date back as far as between 3200BC and 2200BC. It never ceases to amaze me when I look down into the homes that the stones were laid thousands of years ago. The homes would have been covered with a small chimney, and sort of like rabbit warrens.  What history lies in these stones.


One of the homes at Skara Brae



I’m not feeling very festive yet, call me Grinch but is it all getting earlier and earlier?  We went and bought a tree but only because in recent years I’ve left it a bit later and ended up struggling as they were sold out. Anyway it’s now sitting at home Orkney Beef will have to do something with it to get it upright and ready for decorating.  One thing that does make me feel a little festive, however, is the ‘upstairs at Shearers’  anyone who lives in Orkney knows what this means and it’s always lovely to visit and see all the gorgeous traditional Christmas items.

IMG_9467 2

Tech Support was sent up to the attic to get the decorations bag down and going through reminds me of all the things I’d put away and forgotten about.  Every year out comes this battered and bruised angel.  She’s  seen a lot of Christmas’s and if she can keep smiling then so can we.

IMG_9484 2

Have a great week everyone.


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