Meet the family

‘When am I going to get a mention and what’s my nickname going to be?’

‘Err Drama Queen?’

My daughter is feeling rather left out of the blog so far. Husband (Orkney Beef)  gets a regular mention and son (no nickname yet but I’m working on it) also features, but that’s because we all live under the same roof.  My daughter is away at uni so features less in day to day activity.  The list of possible nick names for her is endless. I’ve considered drama queen (but there will be a drama about it), brains (she’s a high achiever), lashes (she’s beautiful and rather fond of falsies) English Rose (Orkney Beef’s suggestion) Hypochondriac (thanks to far too many late night phone calls and texts about another imaginary illness)  Survivor (true but way too cheesy) Tears (she cries quite a bit) Talent (she’s extremely talented in many areas) Voice (her singing voice is incredible) Like (most used word in her vocabulary) Wardrobe (she changes outfits several times a day) Little Mermaid (She wanted to BE her when she was young) or maybe just DWILD (Daughter who I love dearly)

I’m open to further suggestions but for now I have included a picture she painted for our Christmas a couple of years ago of a gorgeous view taken on our local dog walk.  We can see this church and bay from our sitting room window and I love it, and we love her even though she misses the dog more than us lot.  Happy now Miss Lipgloss? 1266.JPG


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