40 bags in 40 days

If I were to give up chocolate for Lent I would hate everybody within three days. This would somewhat defeat the true meaning of the discipline, so it’s just not going to happen. Last year however, I stumbled upon 40 bags in 40 days.  The idea is that you use the opportunity to get rid of a bag of household excess ‘stuff’ by sorting one bag a day. I made a great start and several friends joined in.  I was going great guns, managing to sort out a minimum of one carrier bag a day of junk, charity donations, paperwork etc and even made myself an excel file to mark it all down on in true saddo style. Unfortunately, things were brought to an abrupt halt about halfway through due to my husband (Orkney Beef) becoming suddenly and critically ill with septic shock.  Full story here He had to be flown away by helicopter to intensive care off island. A friend had to go into my house and pack me a hospital bag to take with me as I went to sit by his bedside.  Yep, she had to search through my gargantuan undergarments and pack toiletries, towels, clothes and my much needed phone charger as naturally I was ill prepared for such an occasion. The experience of someone going through my home was truly mortifying only made better by the fact that at least I had a perfectly tidy airing cupboard and reasonably tidy rest of house thanks to my half done Lent challenge.

Thankfully Orkney Beef survived the ordeal and when we returned home weeks later the house was spotless thanks to the same friend coming and cleaning the bathroom, changing the beds and making the place look ship shape for our exhausted return.  My mother kept telling me how the house looked like a show home thus dropping hints in equal measure that she’d never seen it looking so good.

Since then stuff has been breeding once again so I’ll be embarking on my decrapifying  again with high hopes I will complete the challenge and Beefy will keep well this time!  I’ll keep you posted.







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