Lessons I never seem to learn

Remember where you left things

‘can someone phone my phone’ 

This is my most used statement in the world, my children mimic me with it regularly. I’m an habitual loser but sadly not in the weight sense.  I lose my keys, phone and handbag on just about a daily basis.  Many a time we’ve all been heading out the door and everything stops while I hunt high and low for my handbag, or have one of the kids phone my phone as I charge round the rooms listening for the ringtone, or I have to retrace my steps to see which pocket I last put my keys in. The kids have that kind of resigned expression every time now.  They’ve seen it a hundred times before, but kids, if you’re reading this,  I get on my own nerves with it, if that helps.

Common sense tells me to leave things in the same place every time but what can I say?  I’m evidently the arty, lose your stuff type. 😉

No matter how sunny it is now, it has no bearing on later

The washing has now been on the line for well over 24 hours.  It’s been wet and dried several times over and the current status is soaking wet and couldn’t get wetter even if it was hosed down and dunked in a 3 foot deep paddling pool.  I pegged it out on a sunny afternoon and shortly after it started raining so I left it there to dry today. Stepping out to work this morning it was beautifully sunny. Sunny enough to have six pairs of breeks dry in no time at all.  But of course the reality is, the heavens opened at lunch time while I was at work and it’s been raining pretty much ever since. So the washing will stay there until tomorrow when I will go to work hopeful and  it will no doubt rain again blah blah blah which leads me neatly onto the next lesson I never seem to learn.

No matter how sunny it is now, it has no bearing on later

Yep, same lesson because obviously I’ve not learned it. This explains why I continually head out to work with no coat on when it’s a sunny morning, only to be caught in the rain by the time I’ve arrived, or right at lunch time as I’m about to pop out, or at the end of the day when I need to run the gauntlet from door to car. I’m 46, I’ve had plenty of practise, been caught in the rain a gazillion times yet still risk it.  Orkney  weather is ever-changing and you really can see four seasons in a day. I must be a born optimist.

Same again tomorrow?  Most likely.

Six pairs of soaking wet jeans




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