My Week in Pictures

We’ve had an incredible September/October here in Orkney but I think the weather is getting more traditionally seasonal now.  We are managed to squeeze the last few drops of sunny skies out this week though, which made the Monday morning drive to work easier. This is the view heading down the road from my house. Having lived most of my life in or near cities I never fail to marvel at this amazing place I live.

Heading to work on Monday morning
October morning in Orkney
Beautiful misty mornings continue

Driving home in the evenings the sun was low and the clouds partially hid the blue skies.

Heading Home
Moonlight in Orkney


October Sunset

As the nights draw in it was easy to see the difference in light.  As I arrived for my flower arranging class it was noticeable how different the sky was from just a month before.  Pictured below is the same view taken at the same time of day just 4 weeks apart. Very different but equally pretty.  On my drive home I even saw a shooting star, something I never saw until I moved to Orkney.

Stromness Harbour September 2016 7.20pm



Stromness Harbour October 2016 7.20pm

Flower arranging is a new hobby I’ve started with a friend (Hazeycraze) and whilst both of us were nervous and clueless to begin with, we found everyone to be very encouraging and helpful, and we left feeling very pleased with our first attempts.

We’ve been in complete upheaval recently as we had to empty the sitting room in order to get the floor screeded and laid. We actually sat and watched paint dry the other day. (well cement anyway) but it was worth it as we finally have a sitting room that we can relax and enjoy.  While the flooring was being laid I was in at hospital having a tooth removed.  What horror I had built it up in my head to be but it was nowhere near as bad as I imagined.  Still, I was glad of the excuse to come home and lay on the couch with the fire lit and admire my new floor.  I googled ‘what to eat after tooth extraction’ scrolled past all the boring stuff until I reached ice cream.  Almost worth getting your tooth out for 😉


Friday night was ‘date night’ for me and Orkney Beef.  In the old days we used to call it ‘going out for tea’ but in our attempts to keep up with the modern world we’ll go along with date night.  One of our favourite places to eat is Helgis where you can sit looking out over the harbour in Kirkwall.  It’s a bonnie view day or night and I sometimes think Orkney Beef would rather look at boats than look at me.  We had a lovely meal and enjoyed each other’s company which is always helpful when you’re married to each other!



Have a great week everyone.







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